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Button Mash
Coded and modeled by Sarysa

He's a normal earth pony with 599 crit, neutral class swing speed, and normal speed gain as his health drops. He has Vagineer's speed and Lyra's Rage distribution.

When he rages, the following effects occur:

  • Weapon is swapped out with a projectile weapon. Melee is unavailable during the rage. Projectile stats include:
    • Base Weapon: Winger with reskinned flare projectiles that look like the lightning bolt from the game.
    • Can be deflected.
    • Not homing.
    • Flare projectile speed.
    • No reloading required (done by providing ridiculously high ammo/clip boost).
    • Damage per shot ranges from about 80-200, with penalties for long distance. (unlike Lyra [opposite] and Twily [distance not a factor]).
    • No critical hits. Would be too powerful due to high rate of fire.
  • Overlay HUD appears on boss's screen similar to in the video, with TF2 HUD completely hidden.
  • User loses melee during Rage since slide move plus melee weapon that can crit would be too powerful. The VG character has no melee attack.
  • User becomes the blue video game character in the deleted scene video.
  • User gets high jump and double jump, two common video game tropes.
  • User gets a RELOAD-activated slide maneuver only usable during the rage, similar to that present in the deleted scene video.
  • User's fall speed is increased to resemble a platformer, but as an unavoidable side effect (gravity increase), his super jump is nerfed.
  • Altered sound affects certain actions, appropriate to platformers.
  • Standard Sentry stun.
  • No player stuns or Uber (like Lyra).


Neither of these have usage restrictions (same author as Woona's second theme).


  • Jug for creating the base female scout model which Sarysa modified.
  • Skeith for helping Sarysa test.
  • Various minor snippets from folks at AlliedModders.
  • Friagram who showed Sarysa a fix for the HUD flickering.


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Doctor Whooves
Coded and modeled by Sarysa


Doctor Whooves (aka Time Turner) is a fairly ordinary background pony. The fandom latched onto his resemblance to the Tenth Doctor from the Doctor Who BBC series. Because he is a fandom-related pony, he is a Boss exclusive to Donors.


Summon Tardis [E]
Summons the TARDIS nearby (or in BLU spawn if a nearby spot cannot be found). Upon entering he screws with the timeline. Player locations and charges to weapons are are scrambled. Sentries are de-leveled to 1 and stunned.

Sonic Screwdriver [R]
Hijack a Sentry and use it immediately with the Wrangler. Whooves can't switch to melee during the hijack. The Sentry is invincible and immune to hijack for a short period after the hijack is performed. Whooves' melee weapon has a 150% slower weapon switch penalty, meaning he can't quick hijack a Sentry, get into a Sentry nest, and then smack the Engie.

Four Lives - Regeneration Shockwave
Whooves will regenerate in a fashion similar to the Tenth Doctor on the show -- violently. Flames spew out everywhere. Beams shoot out from the Hale. One-time splash damage is done to players within a radius. Players who survive are ignited (except Spies, due to insta-death concerns) and knockback is done to a good portion of the map.

Music Used:


  • Sarysa for creating the code and models for this amazing Boss!
  • Jug for creating the base female Medic model that Sarysa modified.
  • Skeith for helping Sarysa test.
  • TheSeventhStorm on DeviantArt for creating the Cutie Mark vector.
  • Some code from AlliedModders (major credit to FlaminSarge for his work with hidden props in Sentries).



Sarysa's other Ponyville.net contributions:

Cheese Sandwich
Button Mash
Princess Twilight's Rage

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Daring Do

Coded by Sarysa


I decided to go overboard with Daring Do...but she'll probably be that last one that is so elaborate, heh. Out of this experience I made a rope ability which I'm definitely going to reuse on at least one other boss in the future. Anyway, here's an explanation of all her abilities:

  • ff2_rope: This is a super jump/teleport replacement and is her primary means of mobility. It uses rope-like physics with a significant amount of unrealism that allows her to actually get around. I've made this video so everyone can get an idea of how best to use it before they use it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnMOt0NPiKE
    • rope_strings: Holds the strings for the above ability.
    • rope_weighdown: A redone version of weighdown that operates smoothly with ff2_rope. The default weighdown would have serious issues, mainly with the play control since CROUCH is used to lower yourself on the rope.
    • ff2_teleport_to_spawn: Recommended for rope users since it can take a lot of time to get out of a damage pit and the hale can take a lot of damage. Super duper jump would just be too weird, and some pits don't get caught by your existing plugin. Also has an option that may or may not (probably not) override VSP's current handling of this. (though it's guaranteed to override the double damage glitch)
  • event_sapphire_stone: A neutral event I've wanted to do since Whooves had the whole "hunt down the TARDIS" thing. Unlike that event, this one the players can actually win and use the Sapphire Stone's effects against the boss. OTOH, if the boss gets near the stone, said negative effects happen to all players. (quake with damage, rocks fall over random players and do damage/brief hard stun) Anything that can happen to the players can happen to the boss as well. There's a multiplier setting to increase how much damage the boss receives from quakes/rocks.
    • sapphire_stone2: Aesthetic settings for the sapphire stone event.
  • rage_elemental_totem: PBandJ Cleric and General Scootz came up with the idea, I tweaked it a bit for feasibility/balance. They have a whole backstory on it but for her primary rage, she summons non-canonical totem relics she received from some fanfic I guess which have various effects in a limited area of effect. The concept probably came from some other story/game starring an archaeologist adventurer. (but that's why I loved working with Daring so much, she's so pliable that you could come up with all sorts of rages for her and justify them with a handwave) These totems tend to affect a conical radius and ignore the Z axis altogether.
    • fire_elemental_totem: Sets players in a radius on fire for as long as they're in that radius. Does zero damage to pyros or anyone in water. Does not affect buildings in any way.
    • ice_elemental_totem: Slows players and ubers the hale in a radius. Players can still air blast, uber, and rocket/detonator jump away. No effect on buildings.
    • wind_elemental_totem: Destroys all buildings in a small radius and traps players in a vortex, doing chip damage over time (but generally won't kill them).
    • electric_elemental_totem: Stuns sentries in a large radius, sends out small low-damage shocks in a small radius, and sends out lightning bolts in a huge radius doing moderate damage to players. (enough to 2-shot a scout)
  • No Name who adapted the RBD model into Daring Do.
  • Jug who created the base RBD model.
  • Myself for the code
  • General Scootz and PB&J Cleric for the totem rage design.
  • General Scootz (models) and No Name (skinning) did the totem models.
  • PB&J Cleric and myself ripped the audio.
  • I reused Friagram's Tom rock, but had to rig it to a prop configuration since it wouldn't work properly with a player configuration.
  • Nein Skill made the Sapphire Stone.
  • Some code bits from folks on AlliedModders.

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