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As many of you may (or may not) be aware, as of 01 July 2013, I have discontinued the Ponyville DayZ server...


This came as a difficult decision, but one that made the most sense, since the server has had dwindling numbers over the past few months. At last check, in 30 days, we have less than 10 players on the server (total, not a day).


The current plan is to either a.) wait for a DayZ mod to be released for Arma 3 or b.) wait for the standalone DayZ to be released... When this happens, I will be sure to start up another server for the Ponyville community. Until then, thank you all for playing on my server, it was a pleasure (well, while I was able to prior to deploying that is).


Other than that, I wish you all well.



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