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So just yesterday, I was playing TF2 on the server, and I was being backstabbed by Strew many times. Every single backstab he got on me made me rage even more. I personally know I have anger management issues, but I've never actually got this mad before playing TF2. As a result, I swore a banned word in a broken manner so that it would show up instead of being blocked. I am not a racist, but when I rage, I say whatever swear word that happens to pop up unconsciously, which happened to be the racist word. I was gagged for saying that and I became unable to apologize for it. Thankfully, being gagged didn't remove the use of a microphone, so I apologized to Strew for that. In truth, he's an insanely good spy that I can't believe he actually is that good. It really sucks not being able to type things, especially since I don't use my microphone as much as typing. I can't ask questions, ask for weapons, trades, etc. I don't know which admin gagged me, but I apologize for my inappropriateness. If it is possible, I would like to be ungagged.


My ID number is 0:0:65725562

The IP is

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Just ungagged you, watch out for the words you use, I was talking over mumble with other players that were in there and just for the use of that word another person was really offended and wanted you banned. Just remember that it's a game and for all of us to have fun, don't let your rage say stuff you might regret.

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