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For the purpose of improving the map I'd like to throw out some things.

There is a large no draw texture on the bottom of the map which isn't doing its job. I would reduce the amount of prop_physics in the map greatly, especially the wooden/destructible ones, because I nearly crashed the game shooting up an explosive barrel in one of the houses. I would also reduce the amount of explosive barrels significantly. There are a lot of props that probably shouldn't be prop_physics and can be set to static instead, mostly the large grayish tank. If possible you should also add a 3D skybox, it's not completely necessary but will improve the look of it quite a lot.

There's a lot of excess forest and ground around the actual map that - as far as I'm aware - doesn't serve that much of a purpose. I guess it could be good for sniping and hiding but because of the trees and shapes of the buildings there isn't really much of an advantage to it, I'd just cut it off and add a brick wall or something, plus reducing the trees would add FPS. Add more cubemaps in each of the key areas.

Add soundscapes and an env_sun if you haven't already, and you should tweak the darkness setting in the light_environment to be a bit brighter. I'm not quite sure how to get inside the traitor teleporter room but it does work at least. I'm also not sure what the red room near the headman's office or whatever it was called does either. The gun and ammo spawns are abundant and I like it. The lighting seems a little fucked for some reason for world objects and I cant figure out why, I haven't used hammer in a while so I dunno. Turn on the lightmap grid in hammer and decrease the value of your ground's lightmap to see if it looks a bit better after. Also personally I hate orange yellow kind of colored lighting because it makes the map look depressing and darker like the sun is setting, but that's just me. This is also personal but MAN, I HATE DARK MAPS SO MUCH DAMN. I'd set the actual sun lighting to white and the shadows to a plain gray.

I actually like this map a lot and it's well made, it looks a little unfinished in terms of function but I think it'll be good.

. Hey thank you so much for checking it out and actually testing it too. I couldn't get my console in game to work to test the tester, so I kinda just made it and went with it. You press a button inside and it opens one sliding door, then closes, assuming someone's inside, the other side door slides open and when they pass through to run away it tests them. So they have a chance to run away with nobody chasing them. I will definitely go into hammer and fix everything you mentioned, thank you, though I haven't seen the no draw not working.

About the forest, I think I prefer it but if others agree with you, that's fine. I'll remove it. I just like it because there is a lot of area to run and get away from somebody if need be. Trees help you lose them. I'll brighten everything, it does need that. The red room is just basically a spot to watch over that door where the window is, and a different access point to the room.

Really appreciate you going over my map. Thank you once again! Most likely I'll delete it on garrysmod.org and redo it, then repost with same name. I'll let you know!

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