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On 10/24/2017 at 0:26 PM, Zeke Aileron™ said:

Understanding and actually using them are different.

Okay, so I've come back and I have infact used the Dragon's Fury, and I see what you meant. I'm going to try and fix up my stat suggestion

The Dragon's Fury

!On kill: Enemy turns into ash
!Fires a ball of fire at the enemy
+100% damage
+75% knockback
+Upon hitting burning player:
	+50% damage
	Add extra afterburn damage (stacks up to 4x afterburn damage)
-No airblast
-After 5 shots the weapon must cool down

I feel this retains the usage of repeatedly hitting burning enemies, while also making it deal more knockback as I originally envisioned. The knockback also helps balance the increased afterburn damage as the boss moves further away from you, while the cool down prevents you locking them up against a wall with the knockback.

For the Thermal Thruster, I again believe it should remain the same.

For The Gas Passer, I do feel it should have similar usage, but also having something extra added to it. I feel like when the boss is doused in gas, the hit that ignites them should deal critical damage and the afterburn should last double the length of time. But maybe have a longer cooldown when the gas actually hits the boss.

For the Hot Hand, I always though it was kinda a joke weapon so I thought that joke idea should be brought into VSP by actually making it really powerful, but removing every other weapon. The Pyro got so pissed off he just dropped all his weapons and started slapping the sh*t out of the boss.

The Hot hand

+100% damage (with constant crits this means it deals 500% more damage)
+100% knockback
On hit: Gain speed boost
On hit: Enemy sees stars (goomba stomp effect).
On kill: Burst into uncontrollable laughter
-Removes Primary and secondary weapon, and spellbook


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