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If you have been living under a rock like me, you will come to realise now it is not possible to get the pages to fill an unfilled fancy spellbook, and if you don't have a magazine you are now sod out of luck. Is there anyway to force enable the attributes of the spellbook to another item like the mercenary badge, which i believe every one gets? Though I may be wrong on that, or any other items which most people should of received, like tsog or pyrovision goggles.


The reason I ask this is because the spellbook grants drastic changes to how certain characters are played. You can engy jump as a Jag Engineer without the need of a wrangler, being able to get to places without having to place your sentry and use your mid slot up. As a crossbow medic, your medigun was already removed as well giving you greater versatility, even with reduced health one hit will kill you. KGB heavies also benefit from this being able to essentially spell jump around.


The spells also seem to be used during stun rages like fluttershy's so I'm not sure that's intended either.


And here I am, envious that I will not be able to match the new found versatility as everyone else with them till next halloween.

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I know that I'm already 3,5 years late, and nobody probably will ever go back here and read this, but still, if I can help, I will try.


You can play on Helltower map (plr_hightower_event). If there is not less than 10 players on the server, Haunted Gifts will periodically spawn around the map specially for you (not more often than once per 3 hours). Simply collect these gifts, and if you are lucky enough, you will receive a spellbook page from this gift, or even 2 pages.

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