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(Fanfic) Glowing Cupcakes

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So yeah, I decided to make a fanfiction. It's all based around the main characters in MLP FIM, and is going to be bloody long.

Note: If you see the story as a chunck of unreadable text, see it on the other forum

So, yeah. It's a bit boring but hey, it's my first fanfiction. And it's not done yet. I'll update this post when I continue the story.

I would say the story is episode like, and suitable for all ages.


Glowing Cupcakes

Chapter one

Glowing Powder

It was moderately warm day in Ponyville, where most of the ponies were all doing their jobs, usually relevant to what their special talent was. Their main talent was usually represented on their flank, also known as a “Cutie Mark.” Every pony does not start with one, but rather, starts with nothing on their flank, and so will gain this “Cutie Mark” when they have discovered their hidden talent.

However, not every pony was working. They all had personal hobbies, some different, some the same, some similar. One of these ponies, a unicorn to be exact, was Twilight Sparkle, who had the hobby of reading. She loved to read, and spent a lot of time indulging herself into culturing herself on lifestyles, on magic, and other interesting subjects that came into mind.

In the library, Twilight Sparkle was lying belly down on her bed while reading one of her many books of magic, “Advanced Spells for the Average Unicorn” and engrossed herself deeply into the contents of the book. She had spent quite some time on this book today, approximated to about two to three hours from the morning. It had become 12 in the afternoon and Spike, her baby-dragon assistant, was eventually getting bored.

Spike, actually fed up on being wide awake and yet doing nothing, decided to go into the kitchen for a snack.

“A little treat would do for some time” he thought to himself, going downstairs, leaving Twilight alone upstairs. Twilight didn’t notice, as she was too interested in her book. Spike jogged pass the library shelves and into the kitchen, where he then opened the fridge to find four nice cupcakes that Twilight had gotten from Pinkie Pie as a after-party present. Not knowing this, he simply took all the four cupcakes from the fridge, and climbed up onto the kitchen table.

“Maybe there’s some stuff I can add to these cupcakes! Hmm, yeah, something to make them worth-while.” Thought spike aloud, going around the kitchen for ingredients.

“Taco Sauce, nah, too spicy, hmm...Maybe Cream Filling...nah, too Creamy...” Spike said as he raised and lowered multiple containers and cans on the kitchen table. This went on for a few minutes until a certain can caught his eye under the kitchen table. He ducked under, picked it up, and stood up beside the table, inspecting it. It was a green can, that was clearly opened and then closed by a unicorn with magic, as the cutting line around the top of the can could still be seen.

“Hmm...Unknown Glowy Stuff...Hmmm....Maybe it’s a new flavor in town!” said spike, as if he held the holy grail. He went over to the cupcakes on the other side of the table, and opened the can with his spines. He looked inside it in amazement as a green glow shined out from the strange can, and smacked his lips. Usually, shiny or things that glowed usually attracted his attention, and he added a small amount of the powder substance onto all the four cupcakes, leaving the can still quite full of this green glowing powder. He bit into the glittery green cupcake, and smiled.

“Yum!” He exclaimed to no one in particular, “this stuff really makes these cupcakes taste really good! Mmm...” He said, stuffing the cupcake into his mouth. He then paused, looked around, making sure Twilight didn’t find him talking to himself or meddling with this green can, and then thought of a idea.

“Hmm! Pinkie Pie should really know about this....stuff! It really brings out the sparkle in this pastry.” He thought to himself. “I’ll let Twilight know I’m going out...But...hmm...I mustn’t let Twilight know about the green cans...hmm...Oh yes!” He snapped his fingers with a idea, leaving the green can of glowing powder on the table, going halfway up the stairs and calling up to Twilight; “Twilight! I’m going to go out and do a...errand, okay?”

Twilight responded with a soft “Okay!” and continued to read the book, too interested to care on what Spike said, and hummed peacefully.

Spike grinned. He went downstairs, took the green can along with the last cupcake, and dashed outside to sugarcube corner to tell Pinkie Pie of this new ingredient.

After much running, he arrived to the nice little sweetshop that belonged to the Pie family, and Spike walked in, holding this green can, making sure it was upright as not to drop the contents. He met Pinkie Pie first thing at the counter, and told her all about it.

“So your saying that this silly stuff makes cupcakes twenty times better?” Said Pinkie Pie, examining the can with slight distrust from all angles, yet excitement at the same time.

“Yes,” Spike said honestly, “I’m sure all those ponies would love this stuff. I mean, glowing cupcakes! Isn’t that, err, cool?”

Pinkie Pie looked at the can distrustfully, and placed her right hoove into the can, and tasted some of the green dust, and suddenly changed expression to a happy look, closing her eyes.

“Okie Dokie!!” she said happily, taking the can and placing it onto the counter temporarily. “I’ll put this into the pastry on the party tomorrow. See you there, Spike!”

Spike waved and left towards the library, only to find that Twilight Sparkle was still reading the book, and had hardly noticed he was even gone. Spike called it a day off and went to bed to rest for the afternoon.

Chapter two

Glowing Cupcakes

It was night time and Pinkie Pie was still busy preparing for the party tomorrow. It wasn’t going to be a very big party, but rather a party where the friends could hang out and eat pastry, and not a celebration of a event. The party was going to include most of her best friends. She was trying to multi-task everything on her own, food, chairs, tables, everything. She didn’t want to miss any detail.

After meddling about with the furniture of the party-room, Pinkie Pie went to check on the pastry, and decided to make a special requested treat for everyone.

“Glowing cupcakes! Oh, what a funny little idea of Spike. I hope everyone will like it like he did.” She said to herself, remembering on how Spike was excited over a can of flavored green glowing dust. She then looked at the green can of dust on the table next to the oven, and started to make the cupcakes with the glowing green dust inside them, giving them a green glowing effect, and Pinkie Pie even turned on and off the lights just to see them glow in the dark before baking them and leaving them in the automatic oven, and leaving to prepare other parts of the party.

She came back to make sure the cupcakes had been baked well, and put on big mutton-hooves to take out the tray of green glowing cupcakes.

“Not too much, not too little,” she squeaked happily to herself, placing the tray into a bread-bin to be eaten the next day. She smiled at herself, made sure everything was in order for the last time and switched off the lights to go to her warm bed, thinking on how the pones would think on her new cool glowing cupcakes. She slept with a smile...

The next day, everyone who was invited was ready to go to the party. All of Pinkie’s invited friends had received the letter the day before, and all had been ready at 3 a’clock, all but one of the ponies who hadn’t checked their mail the day before, which was Twilight Sparkle. She was still asleep when the clock struck three in the afternoon. Spike woke up himself and remembered about the party, and bounced on Twilight’s bed excitedly. Twilight woke up quickly, still half asleep as she jumped out of bed, confused.

Spike explained to her that Pinkie had made a little party where they could meet together as friends at SugarCube Corner, and Twilight nodded slowly as she slowly started to walk to SugarCube Corner, with Spike on her back.

She arrived at Sugar Cube Corner, and the little close-friends party had already started. Twilight went inside, looking around the empty shop. Suddenly, Pinkie Pie emerged from behind the counter.

“Hello, Twilight! Spike! You came for the party! Yay! A bit late, though. Oh well!” Said Pinkie enthusiastically, leading them into the large party room where the others where.

Pinkie Pie went into the kitchen, leaving Twilight on her own next to a table filled with food. Spike went about the table, mixing his mouth with different types of food from the table. Twilight, however, was still too tired to smile and went to drink while still half asleep.

There where other ponies at the party, including Applejack, Fluttershy and Rarity. They where all having fun and talking to each other, not noticing of Twilights arrival. All of a sudden, the kitchen doors opened for another time, with Pinkie Pie walking out holding a tray of strange pastry in her mouth. The tray held multiple choclate cupcakes, which each seemed to be emanating a green light from inside them. Pinkie first offered some to AppleJack, who looked at them strangely, shrugged, and took one, biting it and nodding with a smile. Pinkie smiled too and walked off to give the rest of her friends these glowing cupcakes, including Spike, who had suggested them to her in the first place. She placed the tray on the table next to Twilight, who was asleep while standing. Pinkie woke her up.

“Wake up, silly! Your missing all the fun fun fun!” Pinkie told Twilight as she nudged her with her nose, waking her up. “Did you get enough sleep?”

Before Twilight could answer, she interrupted again, “ooh, ooh, try one of my special glowing cupcake thingies! Their really really good!” Pinkie Pie said, while hopping with a large smile on her face. She showed Twilight the glowing cupcake, and she took it.

Twilight looked at the cupcake for some time and, still slightly tired, squinted at it with a rather ugly look.

“Pinkie,” Twilight asked, “why, or how, is this cupcake even glowing?”

Pinkie looked up in thought, and then replied, “I dunno! But it’s cool, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Isn’t it?”

Twilight sighed and took a few bites from the glowing cupcake, still having a tired look on her face.

“Oh, come on, Twilight! Smile and enjoy the par-tey! Be happy!” Pinkie said, smiling with her usual happy energetic look, as she hopped away. Suddenly, the cupcake pieces in Twilights mouth shined a bit before being swallowed, and Twilight’s eyes suddenly opened widly, and a grin grew on her face. Twilight was alarmed, and couldn’t stop smiling for some reason.

“Um…Pinkie….why am I smiling! Pinkie!” She said, pressing her hooves on her own mouth to stop the uncontrollable smiling, and dropped the cupcake. She started to panic about on the spot, and then just sat down smiling like a total dope, pressing her hooves on her cheeks to stop smiling like a idiot.

On the other side of the room, Pinkie was walking towards AppleJack and Rarity, who both where eating the last bits of their glowing cupcakes.

“You know,” Rarity said to AppleJack, “it occurred to me, AppleJack, that we do have our differences, like~”

“Like you annoyin’ me about how much you want me to be something I’m just not?” AppleJack interrupted as a joke. Rarity gave a angry look, and then pretended to smile.

“Well, that’s not exactly what I was going to say…” Rarity said, trying to continue, getting to the point “I just wanted you to know that I would really appreciate if you’d act like a real pony at any of these parties. I just can’t stand seeing you go about eating and drinking as if you learnt your manners from a mule!” Rarity ended, taking a sip from a glass in a rather posh manner as a example.

Applejack eyed her with a rather ugly frost nosed face, and turned to smile at Pinkie Pie, who had heard everything.

“You know what would be funny?” Pinkie Pie said, smiling, “If you both had to be in each others hooves for a day! Wouldn’t that be ironic? Tee hee! Well, that’s never going to happen.” Pinkie laughed after saying this, and as her eyes where closed she didn’t notice the short-termed slight green glow from Applejack’s and Rarity’s bellies flickering.

“No way am I going to be in YOUR shoes, Suga’Cube” Applejack reassured Rarity with a pat one her back as a joke, “the only shoes I wear, are boots…”

Suddenly, the sentence seemed to continue from Rarity.

“…for the messy time on the farm, got it, Rarit…”

They looked at each other in alarm, and then at themselves. Something was horribly wrong.

Pinkie Pie walked away happily from the two opposites and skipped over to Fluttershy, who was now standing in a corner on her own, eating one of the glowing cupcakes.

“Hey Fluttershy!” Pinkie greeted happily.

“…Hey Pinkie.” Fluttershy said in a soft, yet happy voice.

“So Fluttershy, how is the party? Do you like it, huh? Huh? Huh?” Said Pinkie, jumping around Fluttershy, eager to hear an answer.

“Well….um…” Fluttershy said, looking at Pinkie Pie skipping around her, “its really great, really. It’s just that I got a bit of a….problem…”

Pinkie Pie stopped in mid air, and landed onto the ground, moving in front of Fluttershy. “Aww, what’s the problem? I always want to cheer up people with problems!” Pinkie Pie assured, her ears pointing up to listen.

“Um, well, it’s just that,” Fluttershy stuttered, “well, I had this nightmare today. It was horrible…It was about a big red dragon terrorizing my little friends at the edge of the forest! It was really sad…and scary…and~”

“Raaaaawrrrgh!” Screamed Pinkie Pie in a scary voice. Poor Fluttershy was scared and covered herself under her hooves. Pinkie Pie laughed a bit.

Pinkie stopped laughing and looked sad. “Aww, grow up Fluttershy. Don’t worry. It’s only me, I’m sorry….”

Suddenly, Fluttershy’s belly started to glow green. Suddenly, she then started to increase in size. She grew taller and taller, and hit her head hit the roof and then crashed out of the roof of Suger Cube Corner, seeing Ponyville. Everyone in the party room started to panic, except for Fluttershy, who was too confused and scared to move.

“No, wait! No! Don’t go! It’s just…oh my…” Pinkie Pie said, looking around. She was horrified, and still trying to make sense of everything. She started to run for the door, escaping from the falling plaster and rock from the collapsing roof.

Chapter 3

Grouped Troubles

Everyone stood outside the back of Sugar Cube Corner, all looking up at the now giant Fluttershy, who’s head was now sticking out of the roof, and rather large too. She looked back down at them, and everyone was absolutely confused. The party was ruined, Twilight Sparkle couldn’t stop smiling, and Fluttershy was now a giant pegasus pony with her head poking out of a shop’s roof. They all looked at each other, and then all looked at Pinkie Pie with a look as if their where saying “Pinkie Pie, this is all your fault, somehow.” Pinkie Pie looked at them back.

“Why are you all staring at me? I didn’t do anything!” Pinkie cried, trying to defend herself.

Twilight, still smiling with a grin larger than Pinkie Pie would ever do, walked up to Pinkie Pie. “It was those glowing cupcakes!” She laughed, trying to sound serious and failing, “It’s those rotten glowing cupcakes! Where did you even GET them?” Said Twilight, as she squinted with her uncontrollable smile while pointing her right hoof at Pinkie Pie. Pinkie Pie looked down, as if she was going to collapse and cry. She looked up at them, and then back at the floor. In the back ground, Spike was trying to tip toe away.

“I…I just used some green powdery stuff someone gave me to put into the cupcakes…”

Twilight Sparkle pointed at Pinkie again, now angry that she was constantly smiling like a idiot because of the cupcakes. “Don’t you know not to trust unknown things! You…You…..You should feel horrible for doing this to…to us!”

Suddenly, a small green glow came from inside Pinkie’s belly, and her hair ‘deflated’ into long, straight hair on each side instead of her normal fluffy hair. The other ponies where still looking at her, tilting their heads. Pinkie looked up at them. She looked different somehow. The smile she always had on her face was not there, but instead was replaced with a sad, sad frown. Her eyes watered with tears and her lips wobbled and was about to cry.

“P….Pinkie?” Asked Twilight sparkle, moving back, still unable to shake off her unnatural smile. Pinkie started to cry, and everyone felt sad. Twilight could not show it because her smile had become permanent somehow, but she herself felt miserable. Twilight knew that this was too much for the pony. Something wrong was definitely going on.

Pinkie was still crying and the others couldn’t feel angry at her anymore. Pinkie was just not Pinkie anymore. Her crying face would make even the meanest of ponies turn soft. Some crushing was heard from the shop as giant Fluttershy moved out from the hole in the roof she made, and walked next to them, looking at them, and then lying down. Panic filled the street when they saw the giant pony pegasus, and the street was filled with panicked ponies rushing into their homes. Fluttershy hung her head while looking at her friends, who obviously hadn’t run, They all huddled together, giving Pinkie Pie a large, warm hug. But she was still crying. The others where confused.

“I don’t get it…Pinkie, we’re not mad at you anymore. We’re all going to help each other, please, don’t cry like that Pinkie.” Twilight reassured, but it was all in vain as Pinkie kept crying.

“It’s all my FAULT! Every single bit! I feel horrible!” she cried, and then her words became nothing but hiccups and cries from her wobbling mouth.

Twilight’s eyebrows raised sadly, despite her mouth being stuck in a grinning position.

“Okay, friends, we’re all in this together. We’ve all been effected by the glowing cupcakes. Pinkie was probably effected by them too…okay, we don’t know how, but she’s being excessively sad, which is not how she should be. Okay, okay…Wait! Rarity…Applejack, you…you two look fine!”

Applejack and Rarity indeed looked fine. They where probably the only ones that looked normal, and hadn’t spoke for the whole time since.

Twilight eyed them happily, “Rarity, AppleJack, are you two okay? I saw you eating the glowing cupcakes. Applejack, are you okay?”

Then the unexpected happened. Instead of Applejack responding, Rarity responded in a country accent, and rather alarmed.

“No, sugar cube, ain’t nothing but bad news, Twi!”

Twilight kept staring at Rarity, than looked at Applejack.


Applejack looked at Twilight and responded, “Twilight, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you this, well, actually, under these circumstances anything would be believable, but…um, how do I explain this, well, it appears that AppleJack and I have…switched…bodies…”

Twilight twitched, which was funny to look at due to her mouth was still smiling due to the glowing cupcake she ate. She looked at everyone, and closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and thought.

After some time, she shook her head sadly. “I don’t know what to do. I guess we’ll have to just live like this for the rest of our lives…”

Pinkie Pie started to wail loudly in tears, flapping her hooves about, and giant Fluttershy petted her with her huge hoof on the back in a attempt to calm her down. It only calmed her down enough to stop the sound, but the look on Pinkie’s face was still heartbreaking.

“Okay,” Twilight announced to them, “let’s TRY to live our lives normally while I search for some cure of some sort from these magic cupcakes, okay? Now, Pinkie…”

Pinkie rubbed her tears, looking up at Twilight, her face still full of sadness and grief, and still being petted by Fluttershy, who was feeling sad for Pinkie to suffer such a horrible experience, even if Pinkie did turn her into a giant that everyone is afraid of due to her size.

“Now, Pinkie, do you have any of that stuff that you put in those cupcakes to make them glow?”

Pinkie Pie sniffed, still trying to dry her eyes, and stood up on all four legs like a pony again. She walked into the store, into the kitchen along with Twilight Sparkle. Twilight looked about the kitchen, remembering that Pinkie’s parents had gone to visit Pinkie’s Grandmother, and left Pinkie to take care of the store. She knew this ever since they left a week before.

“And…*Sniff*, And this is that silly stuff….” Said Pinkie Pie with her now broken speech. She held out a green opened can with some green glowing powder. Twilight’s eyes turned wide open.

“Th…This is mine! How did it get here?!” she exclaimed.

“I….Spike gave it to me telling me it tasted good and that I should….should put it into the…..cupcakes for today’s….party.” Pinkie explained, trying to keep calm.

Twilight inspected the can, and nodded a few times.

“Pinkie, this is bad. I brought this from the everfree forest. I wanted to study this, but it seems SOMEONE had to take it from me and give it to you. I’m really sorry this happened, Pinkie. I should have hid it better from Spike…didn’t know he’d be that silly…”

“Oh but it’s all my fault, Twilight! All mine! I feel so horrible about myself!” Cried Pinkie, falling to the floor, curled up while crying on the kitchen floor. “I cooked them without thought if it was dangerous!” Her straight pink hair slowly became wet with the small puddle of tears on the floor. It was clear that the magic of the glowing dust had got to her too, as she never had a longer crying time, as Twilight was concerned, of four seconds. Here, ten minutes had already passed and Pinkie was still crying.

Twilight took the can and sealed it with the magic of her horn. She wished she could stop smiling but some strange spell locked her face to a large grin. Twilight went outside levitating the can, and addressed the others.

“Okay, some good news and bad news everyone.” Twilight told her friends, who listened.

“The good news is, I found what caused all these strange events. The bad news, I have no idea how to fix it.” This caused a eruption of a sad “Awwww” from all the friends.

“Don’t worry,” Twilight re-assured, “I’ll keep trying to find a cure for all these magical mishaps, and everything will be back to normal…okay?”

Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy all looked at each other.

“Oh, and Fluttershy,” said Twilight, “don’t take this the wrong way, but until I get the cure, um, try not to stay in town…okay? Nothing personal, it’s just that, people here just scream and run when they see a giant pegasus…”

“Okay…” said Fluttershy sadly, and heartbroken and very dismayed, walked away, sending small vibrations through the ground with every step she took.

Twilight looked down, when…

“Hey!” Shouted Applejack, who was actually Rarity, and said in a posh voice, “what am I going to do about the clothes I need to make?! I can’t make them in this…farmers body with no horn!”

“Hey!” Shouted Rarity, who was actually Applejack, “Are you callin’ my body useless?”

“As a matter of fact I am, Miss Mess-a-lot.” Responded Applejack, who was actually Rarity.

“Well, how am I goin’ to harvest today’s apples in a weak body like yours?!” protested Rarity, who really was Applejack. Interestingly, their voices had not changed, but they indeed had kept the accents in the body-swap.

Twilight had taken enough confusion. “Enough! Your both in each other’s bodies, and your both going to do each others jobs, or you’ll both end up doing nothing!”

Both ponies groaned and looked at each other, frowning on having to agree on something on those lines. They left towards their actual homes, and Twilight slowly walked away towards the treehouse to search in every book she could find to cure these problems before they came out of hand. With the green can levitated beside her and the streets empty, she made it to the treehouse quickly.

Chapter 4

Big Problems

It was very silent at the area around Fluttershy’s home. The little cute animals walked about freely, yet staying close to the little house as they knew that a certain yellow pony over there fed them and took care of them regularly. Suddenly, the peace was broken by large stomps that where separated between each other in a slow pattern. Each stomp sent small vibrations through the ground and disturbed the animals there. They started to scatter and look about in fear of a large animal coming to eat them. Some hid under the small arc bridge, some hid in the tree holes, and others scattered around in fear.

Indeed a large animal was coming, there was no doubt about that, but the animal coming had no intention for damage. It was Fluttershy, standing forty feet tall. She looked around the area outside her house, sad to see the animals ran away from her. She poked her large head under the arc bridge slowly, seeing a group of terrified huddled little bunnies and squirrels breathing quickly.

“Please don’t be afraid, mister rabbits…mister squirrel…please…” begged Fluttershy, speaking as low and soft as she could. The animals looked at her, shocked in total fright.

“Please don’t be afraid of me..” Fluttershy begged quietly. The animals ran off in terror to her dismay. Fluttershy started to cry silently, as huge drops of tears fell off her eyes into the river. She didn’t need to use the arc bridge to get to the other side, the river was now just a gap that she could easily walk over. She felt very depressed and walked behind her house, curling up and beginning to cry at all the animals being afraid of her. The fact that she couldn’t fit into her own house made her feel even more miserable, and with a few tears, hiccups and sniffs she sadly went to sleep.

Elsewhere, at Rarity’s place, Rarity had gone to her home. Of course, she was in Applejacks body, and had to open the door by herself. She went inside, forgetting to close the door behind her, as she usually was accustomed to closing it with magic. As Applejack, she didn’t have a horn, and couldn’t do this. She realized after some time and went to close it. After doing so, she went upstairs. She saw her sister, Sweetie Belle, cutting through a cloth with scissors in the shape of a cape.

“Sweetie Belle! How many times will I have to remind you not to cut the clothes and cloth that I will be using!” Rarity scolded. It sounded as if Applejack was trying to imitate Rarity with a good accent.

“Applejack?” Sweetie Belle thought as she turned around.

“Applejack?!” she cried again, taken aback at seeing Applejack in her house. “What brings you here?”

“Sweetie Belle,” ‘AppleJack’ said, “I’m Rarity. Something has gone horribly wrong at Pinkie’s Party!”

Sweetie Belle was still dumbfounded at how AppleJack was talking to her as if she was Rarity. She didn’t know about what happened, and wasn’t thinking that her sister would one day come back as Applejack.

“Sweetie Belle, listen to me. Something has gone wrong, and…”

“…Applejack?...” Sweetie Belle said again, still confused.

“Okay, Sweetie Belle, let me break it down nice and simple for you. Listen. I am Rarity. Applejack is in my body. I am in hers. Got it?”

Sweetie Belle kept staring at her blankly, and the brightened up quickly, “Okay sis!” while still trying to believe and figure out what’s going on.

“Good,” Rarity said, “now, I’ll get started on some new designs for clothes.”

She walked to a table with a pile of cloth on it. She stood there for a few moments and then sighed angrily. “Oh crystals! I can’t do this without my horn! I just can’t! Wait, wait, Rarity, you can do this…” She took off the cowgirl hat from her head, which was of Applejacks. “ I just…no no, I don’t need my horn. I’ll just…pull them to the sewing machine and I’ll be on my way…I don’t need my horn there..”

She went about, and pulled the cloths one by one with her mouth. She dragged them over to her little machine, and lay one of them on the table. She started to move the cloth under the machine, but nothing happened. She remembered that she controlled the machine with magic, and now that she was in the body of a land pony, she remembered that she couldn’t do this. She let her face fall flat onto the table and started to cry.

Sweetie Belle came over to her. “What’s wrong, App….um, I mean, sis?” she asked.

Rarity started wailing and crying, jumping onto her bed and laying in self pity. “Oh, I can’t take this any longer! I live by making these clothes, how can I spend a day not making clothes! I am stuck in a body of a farmer pony! Oh, woe is me! Woe is me!” She went on like this for some minutes. Sweetie Belle was sad at her sister in such pain, even if she was in Applejack’s body, she still felt broken hearted from her sister’s mental pain and agony. She waited for her to calm down, and said;

“Sis, you could always ask for help.” Sweetie Belle said with a slightly fake yet big friendly smile on her face. Rarity stopped crying. She looked at Sweetie Belle, and then at her own hooves, which where orange. She started to smile. “Yes! That’s a brilliant idea! I’ll..I’ll ask Applejack to help me, now that she’s got my powers. Yes. Yes! That’s a great idea. Oh thank you Sweetie Belle! My little darling!” she said as she petted Sweetie Belle on the head multiple times with her right hoof. “I’ll go to her right now.”

She made for the door with such haste she forgot to close the door again, which was then closed by Sweetie Belle, who sighed, happy that she gave new hope to her sister.

However, Applejack was finding trouble of her own. From her family’s point of view, it seemed that Rarity had come to their place trying to convince them that she’s Applejack, which, as her granny told her.

“That’s a nice little story, Rarity. Care for an apple pie?”

Applejack just couldn’t convince her family that she was Applejack. They all thought that Rarity was trying to pretend to be Applejack for strange reasons. Giving up, she went outside the barn and sat down, feeling down in the dumps.

Finally, Big Macintosh had arrived from Apple Bucking with a full load of apples, and was surprised to see Rarity sitting down outside the barn.

“Err..Rarity? What ar’ you doing here in the afternoon?” Big Macintosh asked, stopping.

“Look, Big Macintosh,” said Applejack sadly, “the family don’ believe me. Something weird happened at Pinkie’s Party today and I’ve swapped bodies with Rarity somehow. Dun’ ask me how, but it just happened. Everyone thinks I’m Rarity.”

Big Macintosh stepped backwards in surprise to hear such a familiar accent coming from the mouth of one he thought of as a posh pony, and just knew that it just wasn’t Rarity.

“…Applejack? Well, I just can’t bel…. Um. Don’t worry, I believe ya.”

Applejack smiled. She scratched her blue curled mane.

“This body. It just dun’ belong to me,” she said, “it belongs to Rarity. I wish I could just, give it back somehow. I miss my tree-kickin’ body. I feel….soft and weak.”

Big Macintosh sat down beside her.

“Now you listen here, sister,” Big Macintosh said in his deep yet calming voice, “I believe, that one day everything will be back to normal. I can’t tell when, but I tell you you’ll be apple-bucking before the weeks ended.” He put a hoof around Applejack, going through the blue curls of hair and petting the white skin of her back in a brother to sister comforting way.

He stood up. “Now remember, y’hear? You’ll be back to normal. I’ll speak to the family, bring some sense to them, okay?”

Applejack nodded, blowing away some blue hairs that had now gone onto her white face. Big Macintosh nodded at her as a goodbye and left towards the farmhouse with his load of apples.

Chapter 5

Cure Care

Twilight had been in her study all this time, pulling out books and flapping pages about, desperate to find information on the green dust. She was too concerned over her friends situation to give Spike a telling off,. The library eventually became littered with open books. Twilight was frustrated, and decided to take the green powder to a certain zebra who knew in these areas of mystical ingredients in the Everfree forest. She set off to the Everfree forest with her saddlebags, and soon arrived to a wooden hut. She knocked on the door, waiting patiently outside. It was not too long before it was opened by Zecora, a zebra who had made home in the Everfree Forest.

Zecora looked at Twilight, who was smiling. She did not know that Twilight had a spell casted on her, and took the wrong impression.

“Why hello, Miss Twilight,

You seem happy, am I right?” Said the rhyming zebra.

Twilight squinted and shook her head. “No, Zecora. This is very very bad news. Pinkie Pie baked some cupcakes with some green powder I found in this forest. It made me keep smiling, and other strange effects to my friends! Please help us, Zecora!”

Twilight gave the green can of green glowing powder to Zecora, who held it in surprise.

“What is this I see before my eyes?

A can of green glowing Galatize?” rhymed the zebra, squinting and peeking in the can.

Twilight twitched her ears upwards, hoping to hear for a cure.

“Ah, yes,” Zecora began,” magic substance Galatize,

Used by my people to hypnotize,

Usually, to keep zebras from telling lies…”

Twilight tilted her head, trying to make sense of it.

“So….can it’s effects be reversed?” Twilight asked eagerly.

“Ah, that is point you see,” Zecora said, stopping the rhyming, “I myself do not know of any reverse. The effects of this powder can range from mental boundaries, to physical changes. It is all from what has been ordered to the pony the first time the powder has been eaten.” She finished, “I am afraid I can not help you. Your smile will stay, along with what happened to your friends for, how can I say it, forever.”

Twilight started to drop tears from her eyes slowly.

“Please, Zecora, please find a cure!”

Zecora looked at her, than at the green can in her hand.

“I will do, what I can do,

But until then, as you say, Toodle-Doo!”

Zecora closed the door in front of Twilight, leaving her alone, sad, and losing hope. Twilight started to sadly walk back to pony ville, with two empty saddlebags and levitating a map in front of her.

Chapter 6

Favours and Flavours

Rarity was going around, trying to look for Applejack. She just couldn’t do the clothes without her horn. She found her still sitting down in the front of the farm-gate. She stood in front of her, bringing Applejack’s attention.

“Well, Applejack, how is it to be in my body? Your probably better off than me…”

Applejack looked up a Rarity, shaking her head. “No, Rarity. This ain’t no fun at all. Everyone thinks I’m you. I don’t want to be you. I want to be apple-buckin’ me…”

“Well, I’m sure that Twilight is better off than we are,” Rarity said, trying to assure her somehow, “I mean, she IS looking for a cure. So, um, could I ask you a favour in the meanwhile?”

Applejack looked up at Rarity. “Favour? Depends, ya’know? What is it?”

Rarity looked about, feeling slightly awkward. “Well….I would liked some…help in my work. You see, now that we’ve switched bodies, I don’t have my horn anymore and so I can’t do magic, and usually I use magic to make clothes and…you know…”

Applejack looked at her, squinting. She didn’t like the idea of making clothes.

“Well…I guess I could help out a friend in need.” Applejack said, smiling. Rarity started to jump happily, until…

“Of course, that is, on them lines that you do a favour for me as well since your in my apple buckin’ body…get my meanin’?”

Rarity cringed. She didn’t like the idea of going into the farm’s apple tree woods to applebuck. She nodded slowly, brining up a fake smile.

“It’s a deal. Now, let’s start mine first…um, it will be faster, eh?”

Applejack shook her head. “Heck no. Applebucking first.”

“Clothes!” Rarity shouted, now nose to nose with Applejack.

“Applebucking!” Applejack shouted.

They looked at each other, and then put their front hooves against each other, trying to push each other over. Applejack, due to being in Rarity’s weak body, fell over.

“I win, clothes first.” Rarity said, smiling triumphantly. Applejack snorted.

“Fine. You won…in my body. Now lets get this over with.” Applejack said with a frosty nosed look, walked beside Rarity towards Rarity’s house.

In the meanwhile, Twilight was feeling worried. She was hoping that Zecora would find the cure. She couldn’t stand looking in the mirror to see a silly smiling pony, which was her. She lied on the bed, thinking on what to do. The recent events started playing in her mind like a video recorder that was re-winded and replayed. She sighed sadly, remembering at how Pinkie cried. She just knew that Pinkie was effected by the glowing cupcakes. She then remembered how she told Pinkie to feel horrible about herself. The memory played like a re-play of a football match.

“You should feel horrible for yourself!”

She felt miserable. She then realized something.

“Wait a minute…I told Pinkie to feel horrible, and then…”

She remembered the drastic changes that Pinkie went through. Then she remembered the words of Zecora…

“magic substance Galatize,

Used by my people to hypnotize…”

She looked at the ceiling, twisting and turning while all these thoughts passed through her mind.

“Wait..” Twilight thought out loud, “I told Pinkie to feel horrible, and she felt horrible, even when we told her that it wasn’t her fault…hmm…It must be that she’s hypnotized!”

She rolled her eyes. “Well, there’s a breakthrough” she commented at herself sarcastically. “How didn’t I think that before? Hmm, if I could cast a reverse hypnotic spell…”

Her eyes widened as she jumped out of bed and downstairs into the library, looking in the section of H, for all books related to hypnotizing.

“There’s got to be one that has something related! Something! Something!” She said, shooting out books in several directions from the shelves. A pile of books ended up on the floor, adding to what was already piled in a heap. She searched the whole library section.

“Aha!” she cried, levitating a dark blue book with the picture of a white eye, “this should be helpful…I hope.”

She started reading through it as fast as she could, and found a page of interest.

“Galatize…” she read, “known the be found randomly in the forest…mhm…and is known for it’s great magic on it’s hypnotizing abilities which exceed change in the mind, but also physical change. For example if one was to tell a pony who has eaten the dust that he or she is a chicken, they will take physical form of a chicken.”

She stopped reading, squinting at the book, and then continuing.

“The cure is simple, all the pony needs to do, is to take a helping of C….pie”

She stopped. She looked at the page, now noticing that a part of the page had faded.

“Oh no!” she yelped, “the cure! It’s faded! What’s the cure, what’s the cure?!” Twilight started jumping around, alarmed, but her magic smile was still there. She was worried sick, and went upstairs and slumbered onto her bed, thinking.

“Pie…Pie…It has to be some sort of Pie! What pies start with C…Cranberry, no, that doesn’t exist….Cheese Pie, no, wait..”

She kept thinking of all the possible pies. Never before had she thought on pies in detail before, and did not know any pie names. She stopped.

“Pinkie Pie! She’ll know all the pies that exist!”

She jumped out of bed and dashed towards SugarCube Corner. She walked in the door of the store. Seeing no one, she walked into the kitchen. It was still empty, and so wandered up the stairs, and peeked into Pinkie’s bedroom, seeing Pinkie Pie on her bed, crying under a pillow.

“..Pinkie Pie, I almost found the cure….and..”

“You’re here to tell me that it’s all my fault! And it’s all true! I’m such a horrible pony!” Pinkie cried suddenly. Twilight flinched.

“…No. Pinkie Pie, you can help me find the cure, if you just help me a bit…”

Pinkie Pie wailed again. “I can’t help anyone do ANYTHING! I’m such a LOSER!” She cried more, stuffing her face into the pillow.

“Now now, Pinkie Pie, hear me. Hear what I’m saying.” Twilight said in a calming voice. Pinkie Pie stopped crying and looked at her, listening.

“Now, I found the cure, but it’s a pie that starts with the letter C. I need you to make every type of pie that begins with the letter C…is that okay with you?”

Pinkie Pie stared blankly at Twilight. Twilight tried to sound inviting.

“You know…pies like Cherry Pie…Chocolate Pie…Anything you can add to pies…”

Pinkie Pie kept staring at her, and then went off her bed silently, head lowered down, and walked past Twilight downstairs towards the kitchen. Twilight sighed, and started to follow her. She peeked behind the kitchen doorway to see Pinkie Pie silently cooking different types of pies. The smell of pies filled the kitchen.

“I’ll just...leave you to it, okay Pinkie?”

Pinkie sniffed, nodding without looking at her. Twilight walked into the dining room. She saw plaster all around the room, and a rather large hole on the top. She was amazed at the extent of damage the roof had taken. She sighed. She then remembered something.

“Wait…” she though to herself, “Pinkie’s parents are returning tomorrow…if they see the such a large hole in the roof, they’ll lose their cool with Pinkie for sure! Oh no! I’ve got to help her somehow…Oh no. I’ll need help from the others…I hope their not too busy.”

She walked to the kitchen doorway and spoke to Pinkie. “Pinkie, I’m going to get my friends to fix the roof before your parents get home…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Pinkie Pie turned to look at her. A new facial expression had come to her face. Her eyes where wide open, and her mouth was open as if she had seen a ghost.

“….Roof…parents…” she spluttered, and suddenly started running about in circles in absolute horror.

“MY PARENTS! They’re going to see the mess I’ve caused! I’m such a HORRIBLE PONY!” she cried. Twilight stopped her.

“Calm. Down. Me and the others will fix it in no time.”


“Yep. I won’t stop until the roof of the dining room is fixed and the dining room has been cleaned!”

“Oh, Twilight, you’re the best, best friend a horrible pony like me could ever have!” Pinkie cried, hugging Twilight. Twilight patted her in a re-assuring way.

“Don’t worry, you’r not horrible. At least, we don’t think so.”

Pinkie Pie sniffed. She smiled slightly, and then moved towards the oven to continue the pies.

“We’ll be done in no time, okay Pinkie?” Twilight said, going away.

“Thank you!” Pinkie replied, in a happy, yet soft kind of way, as she baked.

Twilight made her way outside, thinking of who to ask for help first. It was clearly not a job she could do on her own, and would need some raw abilities. She decided to visit Fluttershy first, and so walked out of Ponyville towards Fluttershy’s home.

Chapter 7

Some Fashion for Kicks

Rarity and Applejack where at Rarity’s place. They where both in the upstairs bedroom, with Applejack using her new magic horn to move the clothes and designs while Rarity instructed. They had a confusing start, but Applejack, in Rarity’s body, eventually started doing well. Together they designed nine new clothes, and Applejack was putting some of her own ideas as well.

All nine clothes designs stood on poles, next to each other. Both ponies felt slightly proud.

“Now..” Applejack said, “We had to make nine, right?”

“Oh yes, of course,” Rarity replied. “With you in my body and with me instructing, we did a pretty good team!”

Applejack smiled at her, “Well, that’s all good. But now, you got to return the favour…”

Rarity didn’t smile back. She didn’t like where this was going.

“..You know, part of the deal that you promised?” Applejack continued, nodding, waving her new horn about while giving a rather evil look at Rarity.

Rarity gulped. She didn’t want to go apple bucking, and just the thought of it made her shiver from head to hoof. “…I…Guess..” She said, trembling, “I guess it’s…part of a deal…A deals a deal I guess…” Rarity tried to pull off a fake smile.

“Good. Off we go, Rarity. Apple buckin’ time!” Applejack said, putting on her hat which was hung on the wall, and then started walking to the door. Rarity followed.

They both walked towards Apple Acres Farm, going past the gate and into the apple tree forest that was next to the farm. They arrived in front of a tree which Rarity looked at.

“So, um,” she asked, looking up the tree unsurely, “What am I, um, supposed to do?” Rarity asked.

“Well,” Applejack explained, “First you got to, uh…Hold on a minute. First you gotta…um…”

She placed a hoof on her own chin in thought. She never explained how to applebuck, but was used to showing by example. She couldn’t show an example in Rarity’s body, and was left at a standstill.

“Erm, I don’t really know how to explain it really, Suga’” Applejack confessed. “ I just do it…”

“So it goes something like this?” Rarity asked, backing up to the tree, keeping her front hooves steady on the ground.

“Erm, I guess so.” Shrugged Applejack, “Looks like the position I do, I guess. I don’t look in a mirror all day like you do.”

Rarity huffed, and tried to keep in a secure position, facing away from the tree.

She lifted her hind legs quickly, and missed the tree. She tried again, and fell over. Applejack cringed.

“Okay, okay, try to keep your hooves on the ground, like this” Applejack showed Rarity her usual apple-bucking pose. “Just jump your back hooves n’ balance on yer front hooves. Kick back, lady!”

Rarity sighed, and then took a deep breath. She positioned herself as Applejack showed her. She kicked back and hit the tree, which caused a small cascade of apples to fall into the placed buckets surrounding it.

“Ya did it, Rarity!” Applejack said, jumping up and down with joy. “Now, nine more trees and we should be ready. I’ll carry the loads for ya.”

Rarity pretended to smile, and rolled her eyes when Applejack wasn’t looking. They went to continue Rarity’s part of the deal.

Chapter 8

Working Together

It was abnormally quiet around Fluttershy’s home. Twilight had noticed this when she arrived. She walked around, and walked towards the cottage. She knocked on the door, and no one answered. She looked around, and then found the giant yellow pegasus pony resting behind the cottage. She could still see the drying tears on Fluttershy’s face. Twilight quietly jumped up on Fluttershy’s front hoof, going close to Fluttershy’s face.

“Fluttershy…?” Twilight whispered, trying to wake her up, “Fluttershy?”

Fluttershy opened her eyes slowly, and felt relieved when she saw Twilight.

“…Hello…” responded Fluttershy in a soft yet happy way. Twilight kept looking up at her.

“Um, Fluttershy,” Twilight said softly, “I got some good news, some bad news, and, if your willing to help, a favour.”

Fluttershy smiled softly. “What’s the good news?” She asked, keeping in the same position so as to not accidentally shake Twilight off her front leg.

“Well,” Twilight said, ”The good news is that Pinkie Pie is working on the cure, and that we will be back to normal soon enough. And so, other ponies and your animal friends won’t be afraid of you anymore.”

“Yay…” Fluttershy said happily in her normal shy tone. “That would be nice. All the animals here just ran away when they saw me…”

Twilight sighed sadly. “I guess it really hurt your feelings, didn’t it?” She said understandingly. Fluttershy sniffed, and nodded slowly.

“So what’s the bad news, and the favour?” Asked Fluttershy.

“Well, the bad news, “ Twilight explained, “is that, Pinkie’s parents went away to visit her grandparents and left her here, and you, accidentally of course, destroyed the roof of the dining area. It’s not your fault, and I’m not implying it, but it’s there, and Pinkie’s parents might go crazy if they find the roof broken!”

Fluttershy squeaked sadly. “What can I do? I’m really sorry for that…”

Twilight patted her softly on the cheek. “Don’t worry, it’s not your fault. I’m planning to get every ponies help to fix the roof before Pinkie’s parents arrive at 7. You could help us in the raw work, like, erm, picking and placing large slabs for the roof, for example. Basically, we’re going to need you to keep like this until it’s fixed. Are you willing to do this? I don’t want you to feel like I’m forcing you or anything…”

“But oh I must help, Twilight!” Fluttershy said, raising her right hoof in a determined salute, accidentally shooting off Twilight Sparkle in a direction without noticing, “I can’t let a friend down because of me! I’ll do anything I can, Twilight… …Twilight?”

Fluttershy looked around, and then saw Twilight’s back legs sticking out of a nearby bush. She blushed, embarrassed, and pulled Twilight out with ease with her mouth, letting her back on all fours again.

“I’m so sorry, Twilight! I was so caught up in the moment I forgot you where on my hoof…”

Twilight felt rather dizzy, trying to keep upright. “It’s…fine…Flutter-shy….uuugh…”


Rarity had just finished with her part of the deal with Applejack. She had apple-bucked nine trees, and now both of them walked happily out of the farm. It was starting to get dark, and the sun was starting to move down.

Suddenly, the land started to shake in a pattern. It was like there where giant thuds on the ground by some giant object. They already knew who it was.

“Fluttershy! Twi’! How mighty nice to meet ya’ll at this time. So, you got the cure? I can’t make another clothes design for another century!” AppleJack laughed. They all greeted, and Twilight explained to them about Pinkie’s broken roof.

“We’ve got to fix it before Pinkie’s parents come back home, and we need all the help we can get!” Twilight finished.

“Well, Twi, I’ll help ya’ll. Nobody gets forgotten.” Applejack agreed, nodding.

“We’ll do it in a short time span for sure!” Rarity added.

Twilight smiled, and they all walked towards SugarCube Corner.

When they got there, they all went inside, with the exception of Fluttershy, who now couldn’t fit unless she broke the rest of the remaining roof. Twilight examined the area, walking on the wood and rubble that lay in what was the dining room. She used her magic to start writing on a paper. She wrote a plan, and with Fluttershy’s help she took dimensions of the large hole in the roof, and soon had a plan on what had to be done.

“Alright, Fluttershy, you pick up the fallen slabs and keep them in place. Applejack, you use your magic along with me to attach them together. Rarity, you help us with directions on the decorations and cleaning up once were done on fixing the roof. Let’s all get working, ponies!”

Indeed the ponies had started working together, and in no time, they had repaired the roof, and the bell struck midnight as they had finished off the decorations. They all took a break from fixing the dining room and looked at each other happily. Fluttershy looked from outside, and smiled through the doorway that was also fixed. They all wiped their foreheads in triumphant exhaustion.

“Whew-ee!” Panted AppleJack, “We sure got the job done, didn’t we?”

Twilight Sparkle “Indeed we did, Rarity. I mean, Applejack.” The ponies laughed, when suddenly, the doors of the kitchen opened. Everyone became silent and looked.

They saw Pinkie Pie moving out a large trolley, filled with different pies. There where many pies, some that they never saw before. Indeed the knowledge of different foods showed well in the Pie family. The room filled with the smell of different pies, and all the ponies sniffed with delight.

“I baked every pie that started with C…” Pinkie said sadly, sniffing, “I hope I didn’t mess up in making the pies too, being that I’m such a horrible pony…”

Twilight sighed in relief. “We’re so close! We’re so close! Let’s see…how will we test this? Hm….”

She looked at the trolley of baked pies, and looked at the ponies in the room.

“We’ve got to find which pie is the right one…We’ve got to test every one somehow.”

She looked at the ponies again. She was unsure at how this would be done.

“Okay, let me think…”

The other ponies looked at each other in thought, and slowly slowly all the ponies turned to look at Fluttershy, who was outside. Twilight was the last to look at Fluttershy, and nodded as a idea went into her head. She walked outside and looked up at Fluttershy.

“Okay, I have an idea,” Twilight said, “Fluttershy, are you hungry?”

Fluttershy looked downwards at Twilight, lowering her head to level, confused. “I…” she said shyly, “I guess I am kinda hungry…Why do you ask?”

Twilight looked back at the others who where inside, who all nodded at her, and then Twilight turned to look back at Fluttershy.

“Well,” Twilight explained slowly, “We need to find which one of these pies can cure us, and we need SOME pony to test every single pie…You know, one that can eat a lot without getting sick due to having a…giant stomach?”

Fluttershy stared at Twilight for a few seconds, unsure. Twilight moved inside the dining room and soon came out again with the trolley of pies, each of which was cut into several pieces. Twilight looked up at Fluttershy, who moved her head back slowly. Twilight lifted one of the pieces of pie, and with a rather strange facial expression, encouraged Fluttershy to eat a piece from a different pie one by one, so they could know which pie had the curing effect. Fluttershy squeaked, afraid of being the centre of attention. Twilight’s encouragement was followed by a the other three ponies.

“You can do it, Fluttershi’!” Rarity shouted.

“I’m absolutely positive you can do it, Fluttershy!” Applejack shouted.

“Please fix my horrible mistake, Fluttershy!” Pinkie cried.

“Fluttershy,” Twilight said, “we believe in you. We believe you can find the cure!”

Fluttershy squeaked awkwardly again, and lowered her head near Twilight. She opened her mouth slightly, and Twilight placed one of the pies into her mouth. Fluttershy closed her mouth and started to chew on the slice of pie which, compared to her, was tiny. She still ate it and gulped it down, looking at Twilight, expecting something to happen.

Nothing. They tried again and again with different types of pies, from cherry pies to chocolate pies to curry pies to different cream pies. All the pies tested had no effect on Fluttershy. There was only one pie left, and they where losing hope.

“It’s the last pie…Let’s hope it’s the one….” Twilight said, still hopefully, with her unfitting frozen smile, as she placed the last pie slice into Fluttershy’s mouth, hoping for the best.

Fluttershy ate the slice of pie and swallowed it, looking down at her friends, expecting something to happen. Nothing happened. They all hung their heads down sadly, ready to accept defeat. There was no hope. Silence fell.

Suddenly, they all looked up at Fluttershy, realizing that a small green glow had started to emit from her belly, and then realized that Fluttershy was becoming smaller and smaller! The cure was working!

“Fluttershi’!” exclaimed Applejack, “Your getting smaller!”

Indeed the yellow pegasus pony had decreased in size, and was now back to her normal height, sighing happily. The other ponies surrounded the table, ready to dig into the last baked pie. Twilight distributed slices of the pie evenly for the rest of the ponies, including herself. They all dug into their slices. It wasn’t too long before they all cringed at the taste of the pie, which was a horrible one. All where disgusted except for Pinkie Pie.

“What?” Asked Pinkie Pie sadly, while taking a big bite from her slice “It’s a sweet and spicy Chocolate Curry Cream Pie that was a traditional pie of my family…”

The other ponies looked at each other, confused and disgusted, and then looked at their pies with a even worse look. They forced themselves to eat their slices. A green glow emitted from all of them.

Twilight’s frozen smile had lowered to a normal, happy and triumphant smile.

“Whew,” remarked Twilight, “I’m glad I don’t look like a total idiot anymore…So, how do you feel? Rarity?”

Rarity looked at Twilight, nodding. “I am fine, and I’m glad to be back in my body again. I couldn’t bare in the body of a famer!”

Applejack raised her hoof, about to protest, but then lowered it with a smile.

“Ya kno’,” Applejack said happily, “I couldn’t bare in a body of a weak designer pony either. But then again, I don’t like it because, well, because I’m no’ used to it.”

Rarity smiled at her. “I agree with you, Applejack. I wasn’t used to Applebucking at all…”

Twilight smiled. “Well, friends, I think you two learnt a lesson today.”

The others listened.

“We learnt that we should appreciate on the differences of other ponies, and to respect their specialities, even if it doesn’t suit your own tastes.”

Applejack and Rarity nodded in a big sigh of relief, and agreed.

Twilight turned to Pinkie Pie, and saw that Pinkie Pie was back to her normal self. The little pink pony was happily jumping around the trolley singing some song that was muffled due to her mouth full of pie. Twilight smiled, and looked at all her friends, glad everything was back to normal. They heard the bell striking three in the morning.

Twilight stood up. “Well, we better get some sleep then. Bye!”

Applejack stood up as well. “Me too, sugarcube. Gonna hit the hay. Bye ya’ll!”

Rarity stood up, agreeing, “Well, I guess I need my beauty sleep too. Good night, all!”

Fluttershy nodded while moving out as well. “I kinda miss being big…But at least now no one will be afraid of little harmless me anymore…Goodnight everyone…”

They all said bye to Pinkie and left to their homes.


I have no idea on how to end this. Ideas?

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Mmm, if you don't mind, do you think you can fix the html codes up, it just looks like one big paragraph XD

Edited by OhHaiDare

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Oh nvm it's fine now.

B4 it was in a spoiler box, with alll the <br/> codes not working, so the whole story was jumbled up lol.

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if Spike was the one that did it then they should have given him the cupcake to teach him a lesson.



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i just now thought of a perfect way to end this. as an epilogue, Rainbow Dash visit's Sugarcube Corner and wonders where Everypony is. then it ends with Rainbow Dash finding what's left of the glowing cupcakes.

here is how it should go:

They all said goodbye to Pinkie and left to their homes.

Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash comes to visit Pinkie Pie at Sugarcube Corner. 

"Hey Pinkie, You there? i am really hungry and i.....Ewwwww. what the hay is this?" said Rainbow before stepping on some green glowing stuff.  Pinkie Pie was nowhere to be found and Rainbow Dash wonders where she is. 

Then Rainbow Dash finds a tray of Glowing Green Cupcakes on a counter. "These must be new cupcakes that Pinkie made. i guess she won't mind if i try one." Says Rainbow Dash before eating a cupcake.


that's how i think the story should end.

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