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I'd like to organize a census to determine how many ships will make up our Organization. If you plan to join our Organization in Star Citizen, then feel free to post your ships here so that I can add them to the list. Please refrain from posting any ships that you "plan" to purchase, because we all know how that goes. Only post what you actually have sitting in your Hangar. Oh, and if you ever decide to melt anything down, please post an update about it here so that I can edit this list accordingly.


Organization Fleet


1x Idris-P Corvette


1x Xi'An Scout


1x Banu Merchantman


3x Drake Cutlass
Kurik Lein, Rounin, Synth

1x Drake Caterpillar
3x MISC Starfarer Tanker

Raini, John, Kurik Lein

2x MISC Freelancer
Kurik Lein, Ruby
3x RSI Constellation

Raini, John, Rak

2x RSI Aurora LN

Rak, Kurik Lein

1x RSI Aurora LX


1x RSI Aurora MR+


3x Aegis Retaliator Heavy Bomber

Simple, John, Kurik Lein

3x Aegis Avenger

John, Kurik Lein, Rounin

1x Anvil F7A Hornet


1x Anvil F7C-M Super Hornet


1x Anvil F7C-S Hornet Ghost

Kurik Lein

1x Origin 315P


1x Origin 350R

Kurik Lein

1x Origin M50 Interceptor


1x Greycat PTV Buggy



Member Ships


Raini - Xi'An Scout LTI, Idris-P Corvette LTI, MISC Starfarer Tanker LTI, RSI Constellation LTI

Simple - Aegis Dynamics Retaliator Heavy Bomber LTI, Anvil Aerospace F7C-M Super Hornet LTI (w/ F7A Upgrade)

Shadowpod - Origin Jumpworks 315p LTI

John - MISC Starfarer Tanker LTI, Aegis Dynamics Retaliator Heavy Bomber LTI, Origin Jumpworks M50 Interceptor LTI, Aegis Dynamics Avenger, Anvil Hornet, RSI Constellation LTI, Greycat PTV Buggy

Rak - RSI Constellation LTI, Banu Merchantman LTI, RSI Aurora LN LTI

Kurik Lein - MISC Starfarer LTI, Aegis Retaliator LTI, MISC Freelancer LTI, Drake Cutlass LTI, Origin 350R LTI, Anvil F7C-S Hornet Ghost LTI, Aegis Avenger LTI, RSI Aurora LN LTI

Synth - Drake Cutlass LTI

Rounin - Drake Cutlass LTI, Aegis Dynamics Avenger LTI, RSI Aurora LX LTI

xRevaanx - Aurora MR+

Ruby - MISC Freelancer, Drake Caterpillar

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MISC Starfarer Tanker - LTI

Aegis Dynamics Retaliator Heavy Bomber - LTI

ORIGIN M50 Interceptor - LTI

Advanced Hunter

Anvil Hornet

RSI Constellation - LTI


and the most important vehicle in the fleet:  Greycat PTV buggy

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I haven't been able to play much of anything over the last year or so but should have more time soon since work is finally easing up. I hope to play Star Citizen with you all, my mind and unfortunately my wallet is pretty obsessed with it.


All with LTI:


MISC Starfarer

Aegis Retaliator
MISC Freelancer
Drake Cutlass
Origin 350R
Anvil F7C-S Hornet Ghost
Aegis Avenger
RSI Aurora LN
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Recruit Rounin reporting for duty!

There are the ships currently parked in my hangar:


-- Cutlass - LTI

-- Avenger - LTI

-- Aurora LX - LTI



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Well, if by in my hangar, you mean something I actually have that I can see in my Hangar then:


MISC Freelancer.


Otherwise I'll be flying the Caterpillar once a model is made for it. (I already own the Caterpillar.)

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Here's a neat generator that a lot of organizations use to get an idea of what their fleet looks like. The only ship that's missing is the Xi'An Scout because it doesn't have any known assets to use. http://raylehnhoff.github.io/SCFSD/


Based on the posts so far the fleet looks something like this:



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I will not be joining you guys unless there is a option for joining multiple organizations when that feature launches. I am already a officer in another brony guild and would be flying with you guys when there is no one on in my guild. The Ships I have to offer are a Banu Merchantman and a Aurora LX as of now. Hope to see you guys min the 'verse even if I am not able to fly with you guys :D

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When the time comes for the game to allow us to place our Hangars, don't do it right away, everyone. We should try to group ourselves in one area for both protection and coordinated actions.


When there is a call to arms or a contract mission for us to work on, we do not want to be spread all over the universe from each other. It is still unclear how ship sharing will work, but, again, closer is better for everyone.


I was thinking that we could all wait for Raini to stream then find a place for our organization to plant its flag together. It sounds like the universe is going to be a big place, so we should consolidate our power.

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Added to my roster:



Origin 300i LTI

Idris-P Corvette LTI

MISC Freelancer LTI

RSI Constellation LTI

Anvil Aerospace Hornet F7C LTI

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Hello happy people I know what Im going to say stinks (I wish I had the wonderful diction skills of Commander Rainicorn to explain this but not gonna happen) I wont be able to play Star Citizen I made my best to accomodate my schedule and resources to play this game but all my plans have failed, all of them, also this start of year a bomb has exploded in my life (figurative speaking) which has made things even worse... but above all that crap the final reason that makes me drop the towell is because I was losing my health to the point I thought I wasnt going to tell the tale (or however it is said), long story short Ive had severe insomnia since last summer and it was killing me literally. However Im able to sleep since a couple of months ago and I dont want to try my luck, I will call it quits and recover.

I wish this was an april fools joke but it isnt, I wrote an email to Commander Rainicorn explaining my defection (I hope she gets it because I think sometimes my mail has failed to deliver or something but doesnt matter anyway) I hereby declare my gaming life ended, it will be only occasional gaming streams for me from now on which is better than nothing I guess... actually Im finding a lot of great and talented channels and they were there all the time I just had to find them (I just wish people would stop wasting their time playing such crappy games because as you can see gaming life is finite).

I came as a recruit and I leave as a recruit I have no business here anymore because truth be told I have never been a fanboy and not gonna start being one now, that said I wish you luck people my time here has been very inspirational I have learnt friendship is magic but I have also remembered how "internet frienship" is aids, pure aids... it has always worked that way I guess. I dont have any suggestions for you aside play for funs and not for wins because thats the only thing that remains at the end of the day... maybe one final advice: "dont pay to play" (a golden rule I keep forgetting myself because Im stupid).

So long and thanks for all the ponies.

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