Scatter Gun having Bleeding nerf!?

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 I'm a little put off by the scatter being drastically nerfed like this. There's no buff in damage and it gives no buffs to movement, so why does it have a bleed? I understand its to get rid of hiding scouts, but why this gun? 


 Also I've been trying to work around it, but there's a huge problem with the bleed on hiding hales. I spend most of the game holding my melee other than trying to shoot.

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The bleed is there to discourage camping scouts, or scouts that run away doing no damage. A scout should be actively pursuing the hale (with some evasion of course), not the other way around. The bleed persists no matter what weapon you hold out if you have a scattergun in your inventory, and even 1 point of damage on the hale will restore you 10hp. Not to mention you can still pick up medkits and be healed by medics or mad milk.

The reason why it is only the scattergun that has this kind of system, is because the majority of stalling scouts that I see on the servers are f2p people with the default loadout, which includes the scattergun. All scout weapons are now made usable (over the past 3 days), with various upsides and downsides.

The scattergun does indeed have a damage bonus, it has 25% more bullets per shot than the normal one and it reloads 10% faster. 

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