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Animated Spray / Transparency Tutorials

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Heya guys! I was playing the server the other days and a couple people were asking on how to make Animated sprays. Well, I used a tutorial to help me figure it out but I can't quite find it again.. So! Decided to make a video on how to do it myself and throw in an extra tidbit.


VTF Editor

http://nemesis.thewa.../index.php?p=41 *Download the installer and you should be straight*

Photoshop *Just about any version should do*

A-Tube Catcher Catcher * If your wanting to make a youtube video into a clip *

Adobe Flash *If your wanting to rip from above video*

With that said watch the video and have at it!

*In the video I do mention that I'll be making a transparency tutorial but.. I've run into an emberessing problem. I've forgotten how to do it myself! I've done it several times for my static sprays but now the info's gone and left me when I decide to do a tutorial! I'll make the video as soon as I can remember how.*

Update Update!

I remembered how to do my Transparent sprays! So Here's an additional video for help!


Paint Tool Sai


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I've made a bunch of the fading/transparent sprays that change frames as you get closer to them. I got a lot of people on the server asking me how to do it or where I got them from. It doesn't take long to do if you are quick at getting the images/pixel editing your stuff. The cartoon is really easy to edit because all of the frames use the same models so it only takes a few minutes to chop them together. Anyways, you just have to edit mipmaps to do the fading stuff, there's a pretty easy guide here:

(Just try not to kill yourself listening to the guys clicking noises)

If you do not have photoshop, you can use GIMP 2.0 as well. There are videos out there, and there are tools to export the file types required, all of that stuff is free.

I prefer to use the tools mentioned int he video because it generates clean textures and alpha channels, but you can use other tools. There is a newer photoshop plugin floating out there as well (But I don't think it works with the x64 version, not sure).

Anyways, you just make a 512x512 of your starting image (far away image) (usually use 3 frames is about all you can use before detail goes down and distance gets too far away), create the alpha channel, and export it to DDS with mipmaps. Then you can just pull that file back into PS as in the video and edit it up, just remember to edit the alpha channels so for transparency. The best way to do this, is to click on the channels tab, and make all channels visible (it will make stuff look red) but you will notice areas that are clipping/not covered by the alpha channel because they will show up as gray/black instead of red.

If people need help I suppose I can offer some.

Here are two I made in the last day or so....

Because nobody seemed to have any rarity sprays:


Was going to do the dash wing deal, but this worked out better.


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There is actually a much better way of doing transparency in photoshop:

Window -> Actions

add video actions, click upper right to drop down the menu

Chose "Create alpha channel from visible layers", and run this action.

Then you won't have any issues having to flatten layers, or having to select pixels, etc.

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All you need is a group of images the same size just make sure to name them ( Image 1, Image 2, Image 3 ) so vtf knows what order it is.

They can't go over the size of 512kb

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