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Posting Guidelines (READ BEFORE POSTING)

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Ban Submissions and Ban Protests
If you wish to submit or protest a Ban, then please consider using the Ponyville Ponitentiary. Our entire staff is contacted whenever a submission or protest is made via the Ponitentiary and we are likely to respond to it in a more timely manner. The Ponitentiary is also a good way to review the length of a Ban and the reason behind it; so your Appeal should never begin with, "I have no idea why I was banned."
If you would rather contact us via the forums, then please use the following guidelines:
Ban Submissions
Please post all Ban Submissions within the official thread.
Ban, Mute, and Gag Protests
If you are going to protest your Ban, Mute, or Gag, then please do so by making a new thread with the title of your name followed by what you are appealing (EXAMPLE: "Joey's Ban Appeal"). Make sure that you also include the following information in your post:

Username: The name you were using when the administrative action was taken against you.
SteamID: Use the Steam ID Finder to find this if you do not know. It is a number that looks like STEAM_0:X:XXXXXX
Ponyville Server: The server where the administrative action was taken against you. VERY IMPORTANT IN MUTE/GAG APPEALS.
Transgression: If you are appealing a Ban, then you MUST INCLUDE the Ban reason, even if you are disputing it. You can look this up at the Ponyville Ponitentiary

This should always be at the top of your post. Once you've included this information, you are free to write your own appeal, version of events, etc., which will be reviewed and responded to by our staff.


Ban Appeals/Protests CANNOT Be Made By A Third-Party


Appeals need to be made by the appellant and not by a friend or acquaintance. The appeal needs to contain the appellant's own account of events and explanation for their actions. The hearsay of a friend who may not have been present to witness the event is irrelevant. The nature of such appeals obfuscates the discovery of facts by providing the appellant with a shield from scrutiny and deniability in the recounting of falsehoods by their friend.


If a friend was a witness to an incident and wishes to vouch for the appellant's account of events, they are welcome to do so by making a post in the appropriate appeal thread. The thread itself however must be posted by the appellant. The friend's account of events must also be preceded by the appellant's own account within the thread.

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