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Dashie needs an animator and a voice actor

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Crosspost from my website

Hello everypony, Rainb0w Dashie here. Although, who else would be here? I’m the only one who posts to this website.

Anyway. I’ve been looking over some of my accounts and found that, in particular, my Deviant Art and YouTube accounts are dreadfully cluttered. Yes, there is content there, but there’s nothing of real worth. On one there are just some scribbles and drawing progress pieces and no actual art, and on the other it’s just music and some fanfic readings.

While I revel in the idea that I’ve created a lot of content, I haven’t created anything to establish a returning visitor base; which has lead me to the writing of this post. Now, while I can’t do anything on the art side for a while, I can tend to my youtube channel.

I need some bronies to lend me their talents for a project I’ve been kicking around. Namely: An animator and a (scootaloo) voice actor.

The project is one I’m calling “The Rainbow Dashie Show”. Narcissism aside, it’s aimed to be a podcast / episodic series in which I and another brony talk about ponies, episodes, fandom happenings, and things of the like. It’s in the same vein of the MLP Analysis community as in that I’d be having an OC animated to look like it’s the one talking instead of just hearing a disembodied voice and similar to TBBBAP (Two Best Borthers Bitch about Ponies). I’d also need a character drawn for Scootaloo, my co-host (voiced by some lucky voice actor!), and any guests we’d want to bring on.

I think this would be a fun project for everypony involved, as well as a great way to contribute to the fandom. So if anypony would like to lend their talents as a voice actor or an animate, please write me an email at

or use the submission form on the contact page with a subject of “Rainb0w Dashie show volunteer”

Please be sure to include any links or examples to you work, just to better your chances of being picked. Such examples could be:

  • A video you’ve animated for
  • Characters you’ve drawn in closely related poses
  • You reading pony lines (voicing Scootaloo is preferred)
I look forward to working with some bronies on this project, and I hope I can turn this idea into something the fandom will love.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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is there money involved?


Of course. I make it a point to try and pay my collaborators for their efforts, mostly because the projects I collaborate with involve an insane amount of effort. 


However, I won't be able to do too much reimbursement at first, since I don't have a revenue stream set up yet. I'm planning on creating a patreon campaign once my channel takes off a little more, and I could give you a cut of the donations for each video you help me with. But for now, I'd only be able to offer you the occasional generous tip.  :raybans:

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I do great impressions, especially Scootaloo and Applebloom, yet unfortunately my mic isn't even decent enough to voice act for the project..

Hopefully I'll get a good microphone soon. D:

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