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[Tutorial] How to use Voice Chat (EU and JP)

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Due to the multilingual nature of our European server, we use a voice chat lobby system.

When you first join the server, you'll see this voice chat menu:


The voice channel that you are placed into by default is MUTED LOBBY.

This channel is muted, so you won't be able to use voice chat to communicate until you leave it.

The first number that you see next to a channel name is what you press to enter that channel from the menu. The second number that you see, which is surrounded by brackets, represents the amount of players currently using that channel. This menu can be brought up at any time by typing /vc (which will also list all of the players in your current channel).

NOTE: This muted lobby system only applies to our European server. The default lobby on (Tokyo) is Nihongo (日本語).

Joining Listed Channels

Channels can be joined using their "short names" by typing /vc name. The short name for a channel is what you see within parenthesis in it's title. Typing /vc lobby would send you to the MUTED LOBBY for example, while /vc multi would send you to Multilingual.

Joining "Hidden" Language Channels

Because there are too many languages within Europe to put on the menu, there are "hidden" language channels that only appear once they have been populated. The short names for these language channels are their three-letter language code.

If I type /vc rus ...


... I will enter the Russian channel, which will then be listed on the main menu for players to see.

Language Codes and Channels

rus - Russian

ger - German

cat - Catalan

fre - French

ara - Arabic

ita - Italian

tur - Turkish

spa - Spanish

tam - Tamil

pol - Polish

glg - Galician

rum - Romanian

baq - Basque

dut - Dutch

gla - Scottish Gaelic

hun - Hungarian

ltz - Luxembourgish

por - Portuguese

chi - Chinese

gre - Greek

jpn - Japanese

swe - Swedish

kor - Korean

cze - Czech

wel - Welsh

bul - Bulgarian

hin - Hindi

slo - Slovak

urd - Urdu

dan - Danish

fin - Finnish

lit - Lithuanian

slv - Slovene

est - Estonian

hrv - Croatian

gle - Irish

lav - Latvian

mlt - Maltese

Japanese Server Voice Menu


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