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So, im not sure if this is the right place to post this, but it sounded like the closest i was gonna get so, yeah.



Anyway, I'm trying to recolor a few models for a friend (not redoing the whole model, just recoloring the VTF files. Here's the thing though. I got it recolored and all, injected it into my server for testing, and selected the model that had the new recolored textures, and all i could see were the shades on the model. Any help? I'll post a link to the screenshot i took of this below. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!



Link to Screenshot:

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Idk, this looks like a wrong vtf path error. At least that's what I see on hlmv, never actually tried a model with such a error on tf2. It finds the vmt file, but the vmt file points to a place/file that doesn't exist.


Open all the files with the .vmt extension, and check the part (it should be right at the beginnig) where it says


"$basetexture" "FILE_PATH".


It should point to where the .vtf file is, like "models/player/pony_recolor/base" (you don't need to include .vtf at the end). Just a tip, .vmt files looks for vtf files inside the materials folder, so "models/player/pony_recolor/base" is located in "materials/models/player/recolor/base", not in "tf/models/[...]".


Probably the shades worked because you have the original texture on the same location it was before. It's eithar that, or what jug said, but I don't it's a alpha channel hiding everything.

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Well, a model looks for textures on a specified folder when they are compiled. Texture names are also specified before compiling. To get a model to use different texture names or look for textures on a different folder (vinyl's model looks for textures on "materials/models/player/pony/vinyl" and on "materials/models/player/pony"), you'd need to decompile it (using mdldecompiler and source sdk), then, if you just want to change the textures directory, you could open the .qc file on notepad++ and change the cdmaterials line, or/and if you wanna change texture names, you'd need to import the .smd files on a 3d program, and change the materials.

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