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Mean Words From One Pink Collector

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As I would love to put this down I can't this is a giant smack in the face when I read it.


Arokhantos posted a GIF of cellshader and he said this:


"Bassicly to sum it up simple agreed that deserve to become vsp dev and get exclusive tittle but needed to talk to Raini first, Raini disagreed then told excuse that maps aren't exclusive like i even care that they are, models aren't exclusive either. 

So she say'd if i don't agree she will remove my map......... 
I'm ofcourse not gonna agree, because map makers have never gotten same respect from anyone as model makers, even valve does the same thing hat makers make hats in just a day of work roughly and submit it to workshop, and get more respect. 

Map makers get map stamps which who the hell buy's anyway. 

With that in mind all i asked for to be treated the same. 

If also decided to leave the community for now untill raini and simple change there mind, and treat map makers the same way as model makers. 

Some of the work model makers have done does't even come close to the amount of work if done on cellshader map, not mention some devs haven't really created anything did contribute, but it still does't compare to amount of work if done on my map. 

The map looks simple but it really been lot of work due cellshading the whole thing, keeping in mind also that hammer is very outdated so working inside hammer takes much more time then inside blender for example. 

With that in mind i'm not gonna agree with raini that map makers should be treated as bag of crap, i won't come back untill things been set straight, and untill raini simple apoligize for their childish behaviour. 

There a few that have agreed and consider map awesome, if spend 1 month straight fixing the map to please a minority that did't like the map in its brightness. 

So i'm already quite pissed i did't get what i deserve without asking, let alone not getting it while asking. 

Treating map makers like crap just because of exclusiveness is the dumbest excuse if ever heared, and i will not accept it. 

Like and comment if you agree."

Here is the link:


I know this might be starting stuff but I only wanna show this to pretty much Simple and Raini and other members of this community.


Thank you for reading it have a great day~



Edit #1: a total of 11 people upvoted it and 2 people commented saying they agree 


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so...what does he want....stamps added to his map so people can buy them or, a title that noone would really care about.

In my opinion, the map isnt very fun. Its too bland, too wide open and just not fun. Adding moving platforms dosnt change the gameplay it just makes it prettier. While i do agree with it being a well made map, with lighting and moving platforms, the fighting aspect of it, wasnt really thought out..and well...sucked. Snipers and engie nests dominated the field, kgb heavies and demoknights struggle to keep up with super jumping hales, and the other classes are pretty much unexciting to play. 


btw, skeith made 2 maps, one overplayed and amazingly fun, and the other, average, and what did he get. A couple pat on the backs for his great work. He didnt get a fancy title, he didnt become a vsp developer, and he didnt complain about noone giving him recognition for his work.


Arok, if you read this, wake up and smell the flowers, because you'll soon realize that you cant get everything you want. And from what it looks like, its gunna hit you hard.


Wub Vinylbat ^w^

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Didn't Arokhantos originally said that he doesn't want to be among the ranks of Moderator nor Administrator during the first couple of months he's been here?

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1. Cellshaded was created by Arok with what he believed to be for Versus Ponyville, however the map wasn't really styled FOR VSP or for the Ponyville Community. What I mean by this is like it wasn't like a sb_/zf_/pf_ maps where they're specifically designed for the use in one gamemode, VSP however is identical to FF2 and even stock Arena so right there it becomes less special since any server can use it.


2. It also was designed at his whim, wasn't stylized like a Equestria/Ponyville/My Little Pony map and as such could be used in any number of servers.


3. Its a little biased to believe he did more work on it simple because he did it in a couple of months. The Pony models I've been working on for the past 2-3 years might not have been worked on 100% of the time but grew gradually over time with various changes with my improvements in the pipeline process and the input of others. What took me hours years ago can only take minutes now but all the same is a process that is ever growing and evolving.


4. I actually agree with map makers not receiving a lot of credit, however in this case it didn't make any sense for him to receive a VSP Developer title (and as one who has/birthed it, its not that not at all). His map just didn't fit as specifically in our community as he thought it did. Its like giving Skeith a VSP Developer title (which mind you doesn't want said title) after he made the Minecraft map claiming it was made SPECIFICALLY for VSP...however the map was designed after the style of a totally different game and a totally different premise (Minecraft).

Its also like going to the Steam Workshop and demanding a Day of Defeat map be published for TF2 and to be paid for it.



EDIT: That can be seen as a little confusing, heres an example of a map worth of 'dev' titles



The Votemap was made by older Ponyville members for Ponyville. Using the map outside of the Cali server would render it broken 9/10 times since it also is accompanied by scripts exclusive to Ponyville that allow it to function. Its a conjunction of several members who collaborated to create such a thing and as such were all considered developers at the time.

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At this point, it does not matter how he feels.


Raini is the head of the community, and she has explicitly expressed: She promised Arok nothing; That one map (unrelated to the server) is an insignificant contribution.


Either he has misunderstood the communication, or bits and pieces of conversation are being used to confuse the actual statements made by Admins.





It's irrelevant. He's left the community and this will only bring more drama than it is worth. Locking.

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I have been discussing this matter in private with Arokhantos since August. I have already given my reasons and rationale to him, which I have discussed at length with staff, who are in agreement. I do not appreciate the passive-aggressive posts that are being made back and forth between both sides and I would like this subject to be dropped.


This is a response that I wrote to Arok back in August for clarification as to our groups/policies:




The VSP Developer title is not a title; it is a group with access to a board dedicated to VSP development. The people in that group make active contributions to VSP in the form of code or models and often work together on projects. It is important for the VSP Development board to be private and restricted only to VSP Developers. The map that you [Arokhantos] made is a nice contribution, but it does not make you a VSP Developer under the definition that justifies assignment to that group.

The VSP Developer group does NOT exist as a form of acknowledgement. I am not going to assign you to that group simply to gratify a desire for acknowledgement.

I do appreciate the work that you and Skeith have put into the maps that you've created for our servers. I think that your maps make wonderful additions to this community and I've been looking forward to whatever you plan on creating together. However, neither of these maps are restricted to's servers. Any other community can freely download and use the maps in their own rotations. I added your maps to our servers with this understanding and I never asked you to make any effort to lock them down. I never placed any conditions on how you chose to publish your maps online. I'd appreciate if you granted me the same consideration by not asking me to make special groups or tags for you after the fact. If it is your wish, then I will remove your map from my servers if it is unacceptable to you that I am using it under these terms.



I have always made an effort to thank you for your diligence in reporting bugs within VSP, as well as your most recent contribution in the form of your map. Even when people have been overly-critical of your map, I have defended it as being in development and subject to change. I am sorry if I have erroneously given you the impression that I do not respect the contributions that you have made to our community. I gave you permanent Donor status (something that only two other people share with you [...]). The only other thing I could possibly do for you is give you a custom title on the servers, but you still haven't met our standard or requirements for earning something like that.

I do not mean to belittle the contributions that you or Skeith have made, but people are in certain groups or have certain titles for a reason. Surprise Pie didn't earn his title on the servers until he made over four different models and contributed to the development of various Bosses. Sarysa made a public and donor Boss from the ground up (code, model, and everything) before she received a custom title. There isn't much that we can do for people around here that is special and it would cease being special if anyone could just make one model re-texture, or one map, and receive it all. I don't want this to be an expectation that people entertain whenever they make a contribution.

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