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FFXIV - Spiritbonding Materials

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This is the stuff we'll need to make each armor set for SBing. All help is appreciated.


Armor Pieces

Raptorskin Jerkin

Raptorskin Culottes

Felt Work Gloves

Raptorskin Workboots

Raptorskin Survival Belt

Colbalt Mesail

Raptorskin Choker

Electrum Earrings

Raptorskin Wristbands of Gathering

Raptorskin Rings x2


Materials for gear

4 boar leather

11 Raptor leather

2 electrum ingot

2 cobalt plate

1 cobalt rivets

2 undyed woolen cloth

4 undyed felt

1 woolen yarn

1 cotton boll

1 rubber

1 undyed linen

4 raptor sinew

1 silver ingot

1 basilisk whetstone

1 horn glue

2 red coral


Base Materials

(Makes materials for gear)



4 Boar Hides / Quarrymill - Urth's Gift - Lv. 47 Boars

11 Raptor Skins / Wineport - Camp Overlook (North East) - Lv. 38 Raptors

4 Raptor Sinew / Wineport - Camp Overlook (North East) - Lv. 38 Raptors

18 Fleece / Coerthas - Lv. 38 Sheep

4 Snurble Tufts / Drybone - The Burning Wall - Lv. 40 Golden Fleece

2 Aldgoat Horn / Drybone - Lv. 20 Goats



11 Black Alumen / Lv. 40 Mining

4 Alumen / Lv. 19 Mining

8 Electrum Ore / Lv. 43 Mining

10 Cobalt Ore /  Lv. 47 Mining

5 Iron Ore / Lv. 14 Mining

4 Effervescent Water / Lv. 24 Mining

3 Silver Ore / Lv. 25 Mining

1 Basilisk Egg / Lv. 46 Mining



4 Rock Salt / vendor or Botany

1 Latex / vendor or Botany

8 Flax / Lv. 31 Botany



2 Red Coral / Lv. 40 Fishing



5 Fire Shards

12 Water Shards

76 Lightining Shards

46 Ice Shards

74 Wind Shards

123 Earth Shards

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Kesyl crafted the following sets on September 28th using FC-gathered materials:

Kesyl Sets

x10 HQ Cobalt Mesail

x10 HQ Raptorskin Jerkin

X10 HQ Raptorskin Survival Belt

x10 HQ Felt Work Gloves

x10 HQ Raptorskin Culottes

x10 HQ Raptorskin Workboots

x10 HQ Raptorskin Choker

x10 HQ Electrum Earrings

x10 HQ Raptorskin Wristbands of Gathering

x20 HQ Raptorskin Ring

I've created a separate thread for organizing SB groups and documenting Materia obtained from them HERE.

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