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FFXIV - Gardening Guide

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Our FC maintains two Deluxe Garden Patches which are fully devoted to paying off our housing loan. Only FC members with the rank of Regent have the ability to Plant and Harvest from our gardens. Every other member has the ability to Fertilize and Tend, which is essential to garden health. If there is something specific that you wish to see planted, please contact me personally to discuss it further.




When you right-click on a slot in the garden, it will tell you the name of the plant growing there and it's current health. You'll then be presented with the option to Fertilize Crop and Tend Crop.



The process of Tending or watering a plant is essential to crop health. Everyone (even non-FC members) can perform this task and it must be done at least once every 24 hours in real time, or the plants will die. Tending requires no material items and it is not possible to "overtend" a plant.



Requires Fishmeal which is stored in the third tab of the FC's fridge. Plants can be individually Fertilized once an hour in real time, which will eliminate one day of Eorzea Time from their growth cycle. The more consistent that we are with Fertilizing the plants, the quicker that we will have a crop to Harvest.




Our Deluxe Garden Patches have 8 slots each. There are two items required to plant in a slot: Topsoil and Seeds. The type and Grade of Topsoil that you use can affect the yield, which can include produce in addition to Seeds. Planting different types of plants next to each other can also result in a new type of Seed being Harvested due to a process called Intercrossing, which I will elaborate on more later.




There are three different types of Topsoil, each with different affects on the yield that you Harvest:


Thanalan Topsoil increases the likelihood that plants will intercross with each other.

This is what we use most as our goal is to produce rare Seeds for sale to pay off our loan.


Shroud Topsoil increases the likelihood that plants will yield more produce when you Harvest.

This is what we use when we grow items for the FC's consumption, such as fruits for dyeing our chocobos.


La Noscean Topsoil increases the likelihood that plants will yield HQ produce.

We have no real need for this Topsoil at this time.




There are three 3 grades of Topsoil. The higher the grade, the greater the potency of the Topsoil's effects. We always use Grade 3 Topsoil for our gardens because it is not worth it for us to use a lower grade.




There are unique Seeds which can only be obtained through Intercrossing, which is a gardening mechanic that involves two different types of Seeds being planted next to each other. Successful Intercrossing will result in a yield of produce from the grown plant in addition to a new type of seed.


The type of Seeds that we produce in our gardens through Intercrossing are Apricot Kernels, which commonly sell for 60,000 Gil on the Market. Apricot Kernels are the product of Honey Lemon Seeds and Prickly Pineapple Seeds being planted next to each other.


Intercrossing occurs the moment that a Seed is planted, although you will not be able to Harvest it until the plant has fully grown. This means that the first Seed planted in an empty garden will not yield a new Seed, because it had nothing to Intercross with when planted. Seeds can Intercross with whatever is planted next to them however, regardless of maturation. If we Harvest "Plant A" and immediately plant a new Seed in it's place before we Harvest "Plant B" beside it, we'll ensure that the new Seed was able to Intercross with "Plant B", eliminating this problem from future crops.


It is imperative that Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoil is used when planting our crops for Intercrossing.


Intercrossing Layout


Here is a crude depiction of how we plant the seeds in our gardens for Intercrossing:






H = Honey Lemon Seeds

P = Prickly Pineapple Seeds

X = Scarecrow




Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoil

Miners with a minimum of 370 Gathering (level 50) can obtain this once an hour in real time.

The location is Hammerlea, Western Thanalan, at 5:00AM Eorzea Time.

This Topsoil can go for anywhere between 15,000 Gil and 20,000 Gil on the Market, so we need Miners getting it.


Honey Lemon Seeds

Botanists can obtain this once an hour in real time.

The location is Eastern La Noscea, Bloodshore, at 5:00AM Eorzea Time.

This node competes with the node for Grade 3 Thanalan Topsoil, so Honey Lemon Seeds can sometimes be in high demand and very short supply on the Market. Botanists who can obtain this for us will save us from pricegouging.


Prickly Pineapple Seeds

Botanists can obtain this once an hour in real time.

The location is Eastern La Noscea, Bloodshore, at 9:00AM Eorzea Time.

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