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King Lofty

Serious Font Glitch (tf2)

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Hello and welcome.

I am here because I am experiencing a game breaking glitch in tf2 involving fonts (steam name and chat)

Special characters and/or symbols in names are barely visible and usually mess up the name (I will post pictures when possible)

Another factor is that I suffer fatal frame drops that dips me into <=4 FPS as a see another players name when I spectate or inspect target while alive. It temporarily reduces frames after lagging and goes back to normal.


-"It's your system specs/OS"

Certainly not, my game runs at an average framerate of 30-45 FPS on this server and mostly locks at 60+ on most servers. This frame drop ONLY happens in situations like in the video or when a lot of the pretty particle effects from this server appear. I RARELY lag to the point where It looks like I'm viewing a PowerPoint.


I don't have low end internet and maintain 20-45 ping.

-"It's your mods / you messed with the tf2 files"

My skins and huds barely affect performance. This issue appeared BEFORE I even installed these skins. In the most recent update, these special symbols glitched up. Never have I tampered with ANY font files on my computer or in the tf2 files.

-"Re-install tf2/steam and verify cache files"

I did all of these and the issue still persists.

TL;DR Valve released a recent update and it messed up special symbols in player names.

I have searched everywhere and CANNOT find a solution.

Edit: It heavily involves the October 20th update (Thanks P.B!)

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Possibly it can be your language packs on your computer that you are missing and is causing the issue.


Witch you might need I have no idea, but it might be the issue, besides that, sadly I've not had that problem occur on any of my computers, so I hope you manage to get it fixed.

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This is a very odd issue, but I'l try and give you some more advanced probable solutions.


First, we have to verify a couple things:


Do you have steam cloud enabled for TF2? Have you ever had it enabled with this current or previous installs?

If it is enabled, disable it for now.


When you uninstalled TF2, did you just do it through steam? Or did you also go through and make sure that all files relating to TF2 were deleted?


When did the issue start? The date may give us a nice clue if it is a specific fix that caused the bug.


-You can add me on steam if you want chat instead.

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