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Fuyu Robin

What anime or animation do you watch?

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Anime I have watched hmmmm...


Anahana (The feels ;~;)

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online 2 (Gun Gale was amazing)

Moetan (Very odd)

To Love Ru

Motto To Love Ru

To Love Ru Darkness   (These 3)

Ore Twintails (Amazing those beautiful Twintails <3)

Ore-no-nounai-sentakushi-ga-gakuen-love-comedy-wo-zenryoku-de-jama-shiteiru (Long name, but good Anime)

Highschool DxD

Highschool DxD New (If you like Eechi and Harem these are for you also good story :O)

Highschool of the Dead (Lel)

Mirai Nikki (YUNO <33333)


Yeah that's all I got for now but these animes are pretty damn good (To love ru, HIghschool of the Dead and Highschool DxD fan service FTW)

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Can I say that I'm happy that Cinderella Girls isn't the exact same thing as the first Idolmaster?

The Producer seems better in Cinderella Girls. It's probably because of his face.


And I do like the cast in Cinderella Girls better than the girls of 765 Pro. Especially Ranko, it's definitely Ranko. 


Ranko is pretty great but Anastasia is best CG girl.

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Well, I currently watch the following:


- Regular Show (pretty good IMO, specials are fantastic)

- Gravity Falls (season 1 was decent while season 2 is mindblowingly good, mid-season finale is 10/10, best episode possibly of anything ever)

- Sword Art Online (season 1 started off great and then was rushed, season 2 is good so far but Kirito is still a bit too OP)

- The Rolling Girls (great anime about cute biker girls helping people, season 1 ended recently but I still haven't caught up yet)


And some that I have finished that I strongly recommend:

- Ed, Edd n' Eddy (enough said)

- Avatar: The Last Airbender (enough said)

- The Legend of Korra (season 1 is good for a show they thought would be a miniseries, season 2 is decent, season 3 and 4 are as good as A:TLA)

- Naruto (It's good up until after Naruto beats Pain, imo)

- Bleach (also good up until after Ichigo beats Aizen, that felt like a great ending and should have been the great ending, imo)

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I've watched plenty of animes.


Here's the one's im currently watching:


Noir: (Is okay anime with story and mysteries)

Owari no Seraph (Good story about vampires. Enjoyable)


Animes I really liked:


Akame ga Kill: (Very good fantasy anime. Includes lots of violence and sometimes disgusting :p)

Mirai Nikki: (Very interesting thriller anime, with good story and musics that give great feeling)

Neko no Ongaeshi: (Anime movie about cats, it's cozy to watch :p)


One of the late animes i dont wanna miss:


Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO): (Very good and funny anime, main character with different wears in lots of scenes :p)


And here's my anime list.

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They are plenty titles anime I watching, but mostly I watch is currently One Piece.


My favorite genre are Action,Drama, Comedy and Romance Comedy.

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Boku no Pico *Kappa*

Actually i watch the Teggen Toppa Aka Gurren Laggan,MLP and rarely some youtube animations on Fallout Equestria theme.

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