Try to spell out your name with your forehead

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Here's my attempt at doing it the best. I accidentally pressed the enter key after the A and accidentally made the page go back after doing it a second time, so I had to restart a third time:


r4e azQ i8 ol9ik 9o0 fedr fder i89 rr4 we3


The letters are spaced out.



Here's me doing it as fast as I can, once again spaced out:


redf4 aq u7i iko89 i9o8 fdre dfre u78 r4ef edsw33ws


RailOfFire. Accidentally pressed the enter key after the A again  :tongue:



I used the left side of my head because apparently that's more precise than my right or center. If you want you can consider it cheating  :sweatdrop:

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