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Rainbow The Red Nosed Dash's Ban/Mute/Gag appeal.

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Player Rainbow The Red Nosed Dash

Steam ID STEAM_0:0:68439537

Steam Community 76561198097144802

Invoked on 01-27-15 14:52

Banlength 1 min (Expired)

Unban reason no reason present Unbanned by Admin CONSOLE Expires on 01-27-15 14:53 Reason Members of the Steam group 'The Twilight Empire' are not allowed to play on our servers. The management of that community has enabled and encouraged it's members to commit disruptive and damaging acts towards These acts have included denial of service attacks and chargebacks on donations with the intention of inflicting financial harm. Some of the perpetrators of these acts retain staff positions in that community. Because of these practices, we have been forced to implement this policy.

Banned by Admin CONSOLE Banned from (Texas) - Versus Ponyville Funbox Total Bans 3 (search) Blocked (0) never


BAN: There's all the info you need. Now, I had NO idea this was going on with "TTE". I left the group once I got wind of this happening.

MUTE/GAG: I was muted and gagged on the (Texas) - Versus Ponyville (NON FUNBOX) server awhile back for probable racism/micspamming/screaming. Yeah.... I know I was way over the line cause I was in a bad spot then, but I'm past that, and yes, it was all my fault. I no longer mic spam and I have a scream protective microphone so when I scream it blocks it out.

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