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"I see you. In my dreams. In my mind. Caressing the very outskirts of my thoughts. Oh my love, is it not enough to know that I find myself wanting you more and more? Is it not enough to know that, every day, I buy more and more product with your name and face on it to try to even get a glimpse of what it would like to be in a relationship with you? I hear your voice echoing throughout my every waking moment. 'Come play! Come kiss! Come hug!' you say, with every syllable making my heart ache as if it were being stabbed by the cold, merciless needle of reality. Every night I cuddle my bodypillow, hoping, wishing, PRAYING for you to come alive in my arms and kiss me goodnight. Oh, my love my love, can you come to me? Oh, my love...


Bill Nye-sama, I need your voice in my ear. Come to me, my love my love."

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