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So for over the last couple of years I've learned to make some pretty good stuff with G-Mod, and I have a lot to share with everyone. Check out my screenshots here:


But here's what I've posted before back on PF2:


Team Lambda Away!

Relaxing Among Friends (Feat. Apple Bot)

There's no Galaxy we can't travel!

I'm hosting a party! Will you join us?

Luna and Luigi - The Companions of the Night

Ignorance, is not bliss

The most awkward moment, ever..


The Holy Assassin is always vigilant

That's not the light at the end of the tunnel..

The Standoff (Feat. SiLuca)

Serving up .45 Caliber of Justice, one bullet at a time!


The Fall - Part 1

The Fall - Part 2; The Trolldiers of PF2 (Feat. Gimpy, Spectre30k, and Angel Bunny of Doom)

Freakin' Frank West and a Bat - A Lethal Combo

Mizuken, the crazy Spy

My Hopes of a Mario & Sonic Adventure Game

To one day be like him... (Feat. Who I think is Stabby, the #1 Spy of Team Fortress 2

The Holy Aura and the Book of the Stars (My Dream Hat)

Tally Forth!! (Feat. SiLuca, Yoxy, and Mizuken)

Blue's Nefarious Hi-Jinxes!

The Wrath of a Mad God

When a good Photo-Op backfires, literally (Post Mad God picture -- Feat. Mizuken and Zhalfir)

Noel Vermillion - Gunner, Survivor, Hero, and part of the Kusanagi Moirai

I will not let Monthly Gaming Magazine crush my hopes and dreams!

Toki - The Holy Assassin Spy


Look in the Box, Luigi. Always, look, in, the box!


High stakes Mario Kart 7 Tournament. (Feat. - From Left to Right - Albert Streneck, Cyan,

Olier, Paragon, and Lariette)


The Badass Armor wearing survivors of Space


"NEVER, EVER, lay your hands on Fluttershy!!"


Don't piss off the Holy Assassin Spy!


Super Brownie points if you understand this super obscured reference (Features Lariette)


(Pinkamena's Request) Pinkamena Diane Pie - The Quintessence of Insanity and Depression


(Alternate version link)

And here's one of my best works:

Luigi's Most Epic Struggle!! (Less epic angle version)


So yeah, this is just a tip of the iceberg, if you want to check the rest out click on the link up top. I've currently been slow lately with doing any G-mod pics, so if you have any suggestions or requests, please feel free to ask.

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I still need to pay a 3D modeler to make a Spazz Model for G-Mod. A simple scout just wont do for me. When i do get it, you can guess who im coming to get some cool G-Mod pictures done. 

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How do you get the hats on the characters anyway? Is there a merger or do you Use PAC3 editor?

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