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S5: Episode 12 - Discussion (Spoilers, obviously)

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I... liked this episode. Wait, no... scratch that, I loved it. This may very well become one of the best episodes of this generation so far.

(Fair warning, all of the following are just my views)

-First off , they completely caught me by surprise by having a callback to the first few minutes of the series. Sweet narrator, was this planned all the way back? If we're honest, who here still remembered that Twilight didn't go to one party over 4 years(!) back? I didn't, and I can only applaud the staff for making an episode just out of that (or rather, the conflict at least).

-As for the conflict... welp, seeing how Moondancer's apparel is basically a recolor of Twi as far as I could see, I'm just gonna assume that the conflict revolved about Twilight seeing how she could have been, had she not gotten a specific assignment so long ago. Yes, there's the whole "forgotten about my old friends" thing, but in my opinion that all became dust the moment we saw Twi and Moondancer interact.

So... here you have 2 ponies. 2 very similiar ponies, who were probably each-other's best friends (as far as the first flashback tells).

One pony, a bit asocial and not really caring about friends, got send on a mission, discoverd literally "the magic of friendship", used it do defeat a 1000-year old demon who not even Celestia could beat without using the elements on her own, and grew into the still cute-akward princess protagonist we know today.

But the other... and here is where it get's interesting, made an effort to open up herself, by herself, and threw a party... and crashed and burned when the one pony she wanted to show up didn't, her best friend even. This pony just shut down, alienating her from the rest of her peers, and only focusing on study study study.

So, back to the conflict, the moment when Twi interacted with Moondancer was, for me at least, also the moment when the viewer would say, "Hey, this is how Twilight could have been!". If this is a bit unclear, let me put it this way;

Since I had no clue someone like Moondancer even existed before this episode, it could have been possible to just show me the script, saying it was a fanfic where Twi travels to an alternate dimension, and I would have believed it. Heck, I even would have given it high ratings, purely because of how Twi would fit in Moondancer's position had she not been sent to Ponyville.

Back to the episode, Twilight couldn't accept how Moondancer behaved now, even stalking her (wich made me giggle) for 3 straight days just to find something, anything about her. Even after breaking down to tears after they left the restaurant, she still didn't give up, showing just how much she wanted for Moondancer to stop living like she used to... and by extend, how Twilight used to live.

-I do believe that we may have finally reached the first true dramatic breakdown of a character to tears, just wondering how the hell the little ones would feel after watching this.

-Also, callback to the Changeling/Wedding, wich I liked.

-More famous Professor-level pony-names! I did not expect Twi to just pop up in a book as actual ink... huh, maybe this explains why she is so smart?

-And now I'm wondering if we missed Starlight Glimmer in any previous episodes, seeing how she (It's very likely that it was indeed her) popped up in this one.

Do we really not have a spoiler option for things like these?

-So... rip Colgate, hello Minuette?

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My heart skips many beats when i watch touching episodes like this.
For this season so far, one scene (and the rest of that episode) of Tanks for the memories did this to me on a high level. (one aspect of that particular scene ruined it, however)

THIS episode however. Does this to me on various levels, but THROUGHOUT the episode.
First off, the nostalgia factor was incredibly powerful in this one. We got to see how Twilight lived her life back then...
Second, we got what we can call a "continuation of fan service" from Slice of Life with these ponies...or atleast they're officially canon now...(Minuette's hair though, when she's facing right....why da fuk no one think of that!?)...buuut this factor is just good for fan-squeeling...

But then, everything about Moondancer. The feel of guilt of damage you did back then, but you never intended to fix it, until you remembered your old home. But after discovering of what you have done, the determined intention to do whatever it takes to fix it, but Moondancer not letting it go that easy, as it was a massive damage she did, but Twilight's really sorry about it.

But the scene, that made me stop several beats on my heart was near the end.
Now first off, that scene was kinda similar to Tanks for the Memories' Rainbow crying scene, BUT DONE BETTER!...just to clear that up. Moondancer let it all out by herself, expressing the pain Twilight caused backthen, and then runs down crying her heart out. The comforting scene almost made me die of malfunctioning heartache (or diabetes, as "scientists" call it), this is what made the whole episode to me. All this.

I forgot who wrote this episode, but whoever did this is an amazing person. Larson, i have said this multiple times throughout my live reaction recording of Slice of Life, but i need to say it again: I seriously need to meet you personally, and assault you with thousand of hugs.

It was a really amazing episode for me. I loved it, will definitely show this to my family.


EDIT: Thanks to Koekelbag, i learned (technically, already knew this, but forgot about this term), that this is called "Emotional breakdown"

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Why is it all the moon ponies these days are cray-cray? :awesomecheer:


This was a fine episode of showing Twilight to her own reflection (thus explaining Moon Dancer's largely spectrum-flipped palatte), and showing what may have been.


However, I found it silly that when Twilight was reintroducing her to her old friends, I believe Moon Dancer sorta forgot she had a sister.


Did anyone else get the impression that Moon Dancer used to crush hard on Twily?

Nope. Not at all.

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Ooooooooœ Shiiiiiiiæt

Glimmer is in the background being all incognito :giddy:

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