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Testers for my game

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I need some testers for my game, and I don't know if this is where I can ask or not. 


If anyone is interested in testing my game, I will link it here.


If you have any problems, message me and I will get back to you


Again the link is 



You can post your experience here if you want or send me a PM. I need the following information:


On a scale of 1 through 10:


1. What do you think of the environment? 1= It looks terrible; 10 = This is gorgeous!; 5 = meh


2. How do you feel when playing this game? 1= no feeling at all; 10 = All the feelings; 5 = feeling ok, i guess?


3. How does the game play? 1= There is no gameplay ; 10 = The gameplay feels amazing; 5 = The gameplay is fine, but could use some work.



Additionally, it would help if you could record the game or take screenshots as you play it and send me the file. I ask that you send the file through Dropbox. 


Feel free to add any other comments with your reply.

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Environment:5,cities are very big however,requires lots of sprinting to get to places.

Feelings:5,it's relaxing,I guess.

Gameplay:2,where is the gameplay? Do you just explore the areas all day?

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Enviroments: 3


The cities zone are WAY too big and timeconsuming to get around.


Feeling: 1


There's no interaction in the game with the NPCs, so I can't really tell what's going on and how I should really feel about the situation


Gameplay: ?


As Yoko said, expect moving around there's nothing else



Should we consider it like an Alpha version or something?

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At the moment, there is just too little to the game itself to give a fair analysis (or to even expect what it'll be like once finished), I don't mean that in any sort of insulting or demeaning way, because you've clearly put a lot of time and effort into this (it shows with the environments, imho). I am assuming that this game is still in the (fairly) early stages of development, which is perfectly fine with me. But as I stated earlier, there's just too little (at least, currently) to give a fair and adequate review of this game-in-development.


That being said, you do have a fantastic base for what could possibly be a fun game. I urge you to continue on this project.  :happytwi:

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Thank you for the feedback. No Storm, the only insult someone could give me on my work would be to lie about it. The final version of the game will NOT be posted on the forums. Any and all versions that I post in this thread are for testing and data gathering, which is why recording the play session helps substantially, as it lets me see what you do. The recordings along with what you post here or private message me get used to guide my game and improve its quality. So I thank everyone that has and will give feedback on the game.

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I actually gave it a shot...and my rating: Inconclusive

The rest of my post is assuming you're working toward something that will be sellable, since you posted before about needing Greenlight funds.


That rating isn't me putting on kid gloves. It's an RPG Maker game with a few connected maps with (what appear to be) stock tilesets. I restarted the game 3 or 4 times due to getting stuck. (i.e. going into the church in the first town screen, backtracking, taking the left path once outside of the enormous first town) None of the NPCs talked. Most of the buildings and staircases don't work. There are no battles. I've rated it inconclusive because there is no game.


There's a game development concept known as a "minimum viable product." (I'll refer to it as MVP from here on) It's perhaps mentioned most famously on Extra Credits, which is probably worth looking at if you want to make a serious product. Your MVP in this case needs to have core aspects of gameplay...which in my opinion would be two screens, one functioning NPC, one shop (if applicable), and one battle. This game only has one of those.


But it's a bit more complicated than that. The traditional MVP doesn't really account well for developers using an engine. Players are already very familiar with RPG Maker -- an MVP can be made in 10 minutes and players will simply think "meh". This is because ASCII/Enterbrain has done that work for you. For an RPG Maker game, you instead need to skip ahead to the first playable. This should include, in descending order of importance:

  • Story
  • Showcase your custom graphics
  • Showcase your custom gameplay
  • Showcase your custom sound
The order above is not the order for traditional games. RPG Maker is a bit special because while it does give you a great head start in the short term, it pigeonholes your gameplay in the long run. I used RPG Maker 2000 back in the in the days of Final Fallacy, Phylomortis, and A Blurred Line, and even made an aborted game named Tales of Suneria (no relation to Babylon) followed by the aborted Tales of Suneria 2 where I tried to create a Chrono Trigger style battle system. The two things I learned from that are #1: scripting in RPG Maker sucks so much that there's a point where it's better to just make your own engine. #2 was: Don't allude to a hugely popular series when naming your game. (unless it's a parody)

To be fair, VX Ace probably has vastly improved scripting, but since I have no desire to spend the time to learn its ins and outs, I'm going to assume the pigeonholing is still a problem.


There's another, somewhat more dire reason for me mentioning my escapades from ~2002: People are very hostile toward RPG Maker games. This could be because there's a slew of free RPG Maker games floating around, or perhaps because people have been flooding Steam with low quality games. The point is, you're going to have a huge hurdle to cross if you plan on actually selling an RPG Maker game. You'll need many (but not all) of these to have a chance getting greenlit:

  • A well planned story that can hook players within the first 10 minutes. Your trailer and/or greenlight video will need to reflect this. A Blurred Line is a good example of this -- look at all the TVTropes entries it has.
  • Custom graphics. Your game will be dragged through the mud if you primarily use stock graphics. The good news is apparently you can get some cheaply from somewhere...but I don't know where. lol.
  • Some kind of gameplay hook. People are getting so tired of Dragon Quest ripoffs that even Final Fantasy has been gradually distancing itself from its DQ ripoff roots. (starting with IV's active-time battle system, and now XV is going to be an ARPG)
  • Sound is probably the easiest, since there's countless musicians desperately seeking a way to promote their music. But people don't want to hear the exact same music in two different games.
Actual success after greenlighting has its own set of problems, but that's a long way away.


This post has been pretty negative, but hopefully some of the suggestions contained within will inspire you. Keep in mind, I'm someone who's very familiar with failure. :P

edit1: Oh, and don't have your story involve the hero's father/family/dog die, and the hero seeks revenge. On the RPG Maker fan forums back in the olden days, reviewers would instantly slash multiple points off any game with this cliche. Non-reviewers will just mock it.

edit2: So it seems (after doing a quick google search) they added support for Ruby scripting. The greatest downside to 2000 was it had no support for global methods and variables. If that's been resolved, it'll drastically improve what you can make with the engine. Of course, you'll still have to learn to code or get a coder on board.

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