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Alrigth folks, how many of you do remember this magic jewel?


Arcanum of steamworks and magick obscura?


My little opinion why this is the best rpg of all times. Why?


1: Magic and technology is in peril/war with each other and if you go magic, technology stuff won't work on you. So does te other way around. In many games these major things go in hands like there is no problem....


2: Rushing in battle without any scars? Here, you will be mildy punished. I mean look for every battle in games, rusing in and fight without getting any damage (loosing health is nothing)

You have beauty stats! The more prettier you are....welll the more people like you


3: Races, elf, half elf, half orc, orc, half ogre, (OGRE?!), human, dwarf  halfing, gnome (are they not the same?) Short people for me have disappeared from modern games..what I know


4 Awsome story!


Do you remember this game?

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