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Halloween is on the way! Hail the Pumpkin King with drawings!

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Halloween is coming, so I would like to do 5 drawings for free in celebration. I would like to keep it in spirit of Halloween, but I will leave that up to you guys.


Here are the rules I follow:


1. These drawings will be done on a first come, first serve basis. I will not have any place holding this time. It always just leaves people out.


2. I am looking to do all 5 request as quickly as possible while keeping the requests up to par with what I can already do (at least)


3. The requests must be drawings and they must be SFW. There are no other limits to the requests.


4. All the works I create will go up on my Deviant Art page I will also try adding to the gallery. 


Understand that if you ask for something complex or with a lot of characters, chances are good that it will take longer to draw than someone who just wanted a simple character drawing.


If you are satisfied and want me to draw for you again, feel free to post on this thread. you do have to pay, I do prioritize those works first and you will be helping me reach my goal of getting to $100 to submit my game to steam greenlight.


Any questions about my game, please pm me. Enough of the same questions and I will post a thread about my game, including progress.

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