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 I may or may not have told people on PF2, I am an aspiring game developer. I am currently working on a game that I plan on putting through Steam Greenlight. I want the game to be good when it does go through, so I am working on all aspects of the development process. I also need $100 so I can submit.


     I did some drawings for free so that I can get a better understanding of what I need to work on, but unfortunately there are programs out there that I want to try out, learn, and use for future development as well as games I want to try and learn from. I am also out of a steady job so I don't make regular income. 


     I decided to do character drawings for money. I can do pony and human characters. Other character types will require more research and may take slightly longer, but are doable.

  1. I require a payment of 1 key before I start drawing. Payment is currently accepted in the form of keys. I would appreciate it if the keys were either CS:GO crate keys or current TF2 keys, but I will accept any kind of keys. If you try to give me a key that has no sell value on the market then I will reject the request. Sadly, I do not have other means of accepting payment as of now except through keys on Steam.
  2. I will complete the drawing before the trade timer expires (1 week). I do not want to hold a drawing for so long that my clients forget I am doing work for them, so after 1 week or after the trade timer expires (whichever is longer) I will refund any client that I did not get to finish.
  3. After a drawing is complete, I will post it on my DeviantArt page. I want others to see what I can do, so I will post any finished works on my DA page. Anytime I finish a drawing or request for someone I will post it there. If you are not comfortable with having your request posted on DA, then I cannot take your request. 
  4. After a drawing is complete, I will post it on this forum. This means your request has to be SFW ( Safe For Work). I will not accept anything NSFW at this time.
  5. The queue is first come first serve UNLIMITED. I will not close anyone out because I have accepted too many people. This does mean that if you are person number 25 in the queue, do not expect to get your drawing done the same day you queued up. Your position in queue is equal to the number of requests made minus drawings I have posted plus one. So if you are the 275th person to post and I posted 273 drawings, then you are 3rd in the queue. I will try to keep it updated daily so that people know how many are waiting in queue (and to reduce the math being done).
  6. I will keep the client updated. I want to make sure you like what you get, so I will make sure you know how I am doing when there is progress. I use Gyazo to show work in progress and, as I am accepting keys as payment, will link it through Steam. If you are not online when progress is made, I will send you the link so that you may receive it the next time you log on to Steam.
  7. Please have your Steam name and your forum name match to prevent confusion. I would rather not guess who I am adding onto my friend's list. Even if you have your Steam account linked to your forum account, I must ask that you do this anyway.
  8. I am flexible with price. If you do not have a key, or can not afford a key, then please message me before you post here. 
  9. I will accept donations. If you feel the work I made you merited more than one key, feel free to send things my way. Donations do not have to be keys, but I would like them to be.
  10. By posting on this forum, you agree to the terms set in this post.

    If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message through the messenger. To see my previous works, you may visit my DeviantArt page at My Steam account is . Hope you all have a good game :happytwi:

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