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look ik ive been kind of annoying sometimes but im not really that bad of a guy. anyway I do talk about random stuff but if people don't like it i'll stop doing that. I admit sometimes I am a little vindictive with people like today with buffy I went HA in type chat because she though teamkilling was against the rules or something like that idk and she got a little mad. and gimpy got mad at me when I was talking about who would win in a fight before I could say who gimpy yelled at me now I guess I kind of desereved that but idk. look please unmute me and alot of people here like me they know I mean well but they know sometimes I can be a little annoying but over the months ive been working on talking less on the mic and letting other people talk and also not talking over but alot of people talk and it's hard to tell when people are about to talk and when not. look you dont have to unmute me but it would be nice if you do please give me one teensy weency little last chance I promise you I really am working on my mic issues and ive been trying to work on my anger when people give me crap but it's hard so please make your choice if you unmute me Huzzah but if not then oh well, but it is hard to play and type at the same time however I do type more frequently now even before the mute so I am working on typing and mic balance  I am working on when to shut up though. and I am a sensitive guy sometimes but I am not a bad person ok I want to go to bed now please make your choice admins and have a good night :D

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See, I have no right to be talking but i'm going to take the advantage here.


Lrad, it's been 3 years I've seen you on the servers and all those 3 years you have been constant mic spam when you were on the servers. Even now sometimes I join for a few minutes at a time and it's the same. Constant mic usage. 


If people want proof, no means to cause any harm but dude, everyone knows you spam the mic and it's been a constant habit for a long time. 


So, a minimum punishment should be for a month at LEAST with no mic.

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ive actually been learning how to spam the mic less this past month but fine if it's a mute for a month then make it official so I can know what day I can say to be unmuted 

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Pretty Sure I Have No Right To Be Speaking Here, But Lemme Just Say This...
Lrad, For The Time I've Known You, You've Been Constantly Using The Microphone, It's Kinda Annoying After Awhile....Another Thing, It's Also Annoying Of How You Say Pinkie Clones PLUS Changelings Are Your Kills, Also The Fact Of How When You Dont Get A Pinkie Clone Or Changeling Kill, You Act Very Immature About It From What I've Seen.
Also, I Was On The Server Today And Saw You Complaining About Using Text Chat Multiple Times, But That's Not How You're Going To Get Unmuted...Though That Sounds Weird, I Think You Should Wait ATLEAST 1-3 Months Before You Get Unmuted And See What It Feels Like Using The Chat And Getting Used To It, So You Cant Spam Microphone....Also. I Heard You Told An Admin To F*ck Off Then Told Someone To Go And Kill-themselves After They Left The Server, Which Is Really Rude And Disrespectful. You Should Be Glad It's Just A Perma-Mute And Not A Perma-Ban, Since An Admin Could Had Easily Banned You For That, Once Again. I Probably Have No Rights To Be Saying This. But I Still Want To Say Something. 
(Very Sorry If This Is Confusing, I Make Alot Of Typo's + Have Really Bad Grammar)

Another Thing ; Im Very Glad Of How You're Realizing You Were Using The Microphone Too Much, And How You're Trying Your Best To Use Chat More Than Microphone. I Hope You Improve More In The Future.

An Honest Opinion From ; Koma.

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I'm going to voice my stuff about this and be Honest here Lrad, i know you don't mean anything bad and what not to the server since you just play on it like a regular does, which is ok in most players eyes.


But there were many times you'd do something to the last man standing like tea bagging, Taunting after one raging the player, and you've also done it to me especially since i'm on your friends list and i haven't done a single bad thing to you at all and I've never exactly done that as a Hale to do anything like that to a friend especially, more to insult like the tea bagging and or one raging, and to be honest i'm really surprised i still have you on my friends list from all the BS stuff you've done to me, i don't know if i should feel anything about this.


You should've actually took Gimpy's advice about watching what you say on mic,chat, and what actions you do in-game because certain people/players will actually take offense to it a long time ago when he said it to you.


There are times when it's ok to talk about stuff on the mic but when you're trying to talk about random stuff that a majority of the players on the server don't know about and or care about to begin with and you still continue talking about that said subject it's going to annoy those players that are currently on the server, that would have given you a good stopping point to whatever you were talking about, and most times when there's other people on the server trying to use the mic you talk over them and or yell over them to continue talking about said topic others are not fond of hearing while playing, and while you're hale you use the mic so much that you have to constantly say how this specific player/class name is being annoying, getting agitated when trying to kill said player, using rage to kill one player and saying "I had to do it" especially when it's a medic that's not even using a Medigun which was "Me" like seriously it's easy to kill a medic with no rage, just one hale melee hit can kill a 150 hp medic, very easy.


Ok onto the playing as a Mercenary when you use the mic so much when i'm on and it's just you using the mic without a break from using it(did you ever thought of moving your finger away from your voice chat key...), from just you alone on many maps I've tried to play on and enjoy some fun, you've forcefully buffered me out of the server a lot because of my computer can't handle the "Immense constant Mic spam you do every time", and yes going to be honest here again, it's very surprising that most randoms that are annoying on mic i tend to just "mute them outright to get it over with", but i have yet muted you client side because well it should be obvious because you're a friend, "But then again should i even consider being friends with someone who've done so much stuff to me and try to apologize to me in a jokingly manner which made me feel even more angry about that stuff", Plus while you use the mic all the time you keep constantly saying you died, i want a scout slot, give me my scout slot, my shield broke, i'm going to die, medic uber for damage and then the medic dies afterwards(once again me and then you still don't say anything about that in a good way), and when there's Pinkie clones and Changelings out on the field you constantly say they're your kills while there's Demomen alive with Head count weapons which you're completely denying your team of Demonmen a boost of HP to get 210+ for them to survive a Hale hit and or a Demo retrieving their shield back and still fight for the team because teamwork, can't have Team Fortress 2 without "team" in it cause you make it where you're entitled to those minion kills, you mainly just make it like you're the team and everyone else is just there.


Honestly it's a good thing that you realized that you were using the mic too much, but there was a lot of warnings before then that you should've taken before..., using text chat isn't all that bad to be honest, just do what Eleanora said in her post, just do that but remember be careful of what you tend to type in chat as well.


I'm not one to say a lot of crap about a friend and or anything bad about them because i'm mainly silent about keeping that stuff to myself, even though myself has taken so much crap from a lot of people from my friends list and i don't say anything about that and it's not easy especially when i get that stuff happening to me from randoms on the VSP server which is mainly why i just play on other servers to get away from that.


I'm not much of a choice person to agree on the one month+ thing that the other people here are saying about, but since you didn't really take a fellow admin's advice awhile back before this, then this would've never happened to such of an extent i suppose, but for my opinion i'll have to kind of agree about everyone else's verdict for the one month thing but lower to a certain of weeks per-say, unfortunately sorry.


Everything is a learning experience the first time around something happens.


This is mainly what i wanted to say about this and some other points, sorry for the long TL:DR post. :flutterdear:

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I never told anyone to kill themselves I meant me because I was so stressed out and ok maybe telling someone to fuck off was a bad idea but I was stressed out but videogames still helped me and got me to this part of the website to make the appeal in the first place.

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I have seen Lrad have outbursts on the server which are similar or equal to others in the past getting perma-muted or even kicked/temp banned on the spot for but has gone un-noticed because of no staff on the server or nobody thinking of it.


I understand that it gets frustrating, but I do have to say that it is an issue on the server that too many people talk on the mic, it's not just Lrad, but during US times it gets too hectic and it makes players like me leave, I would be on the server alot more during these times if people didn't blare out random words and shouts all the time so that nobody can hear what anyone is saying, I have a habit to stop talking when someone else is, and that makes it very difficult to get a word in sometimes.


This is very minor and I have no problem with it if you said it once or twice but when you are a heavy you don't need to say "I need a medic" or "<Name> can you pocket me?"  Just because you are a class does not mean you /NEED/ a medic, only ask once or twice but hearing it constantly when theres me as a pyro who just flare jumped with less than 50 hp chasing after a medic is kinda annoying.


Edit: I also hear you doing Arnold impressions or whatever the noise you make which does get a little annoying, which I think most people could do without hearing.


I don't hate anyone, I just want to see improvement, anyone can learn.


As Plato said

“Wise men speak because they have something to say; fools because they have to say something.

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First and foremost to everyone, I'd like to say thank you for the honest explanations.


The reason for delaying any potential punishment on Lrad is I have received countless reports in the past, but by the time I arrive, he has quieted down, or there was no substantial evidence.


That statement goes as far as two false reports from trusted players, and I was GREATLY disappointed by them.



However, even through my absence I try to still support the servers in any way I can, and this bubble was ready to burst. To my conclusion from my own experience, you have done nothing wrong beyond talking too much. Which I also resolved by telling players to use a client-side mute for countless months.


The issue still stands though is this is the same behavior you had a year ago.


I admit though, I did not want to make this mute.



To the players who have come and posted, your considerations are still important. This has been strenuous on Lrad already and I'd like to remove the mute sooner rather than later. Without another admin to weigh in (besides Kumar as I know his perspective on the situation), I will be unmuting him before christmas, reasonably in two weeks or sooner.


I do not think permanent is fair, but I cannot set the mute to expire after a certain time limit (even though it would be vastly easier).

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