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Sizzle Potholder

Am I Me? (Not Finished)

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Krystal Gem, a half Crystal pony, trotted through Canterlot searching for her two best friends, Sizzle Potholder and Swirl Cloud. "Krys, you know Sizzle is teaching a class today." Swirl dashed over to Krystal. "I'm sorry, Swirl, I forgot!" Krystal said. "And plus, since Sizzle is alicorn, she technically works with her aunt, Princess Celestia, and her mom, Princess Luna. I mean, if Princess Luna didn't become Nightmare Moon, Sizzle wouldn't of gotten her cutie mark! And if Princess Twilight and her friends didn't defeat Nightmare Moon, Sizzle wouldn't be able to be with her aunt or her mom!" Swirl blurted out. "Krystal! Swirl! I'm sorry I'm late! Auntie Tia wanted me to do a extra class!" Sizzle ran towards Krystal and Swirl. Krystal and Swirl knew who Auntie Tia was, Princess Celestia. Krystal and Swirl even get to call Princess Celestia Auntie Tia! And Sizzle gets to help raise and lower the sun, and raise and lower the moon. Since Sizzle's friends are pegasi, and can't really raise and lower the sun and moon, but they get to see it happen every morning and night.

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