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Tem Shop

hOI!! Blookbucks is FREE chat currency for da weekly TEM SHOP raffle on Raini's stream! TEM SHOP raffles off Impossibly Imaginary Intangibly Legendary Super Duper Rare Artifact every Saturday and draws a winner at 5:00PM PST.

Spend Blookbucks -- send temmie 2 colleg! Chatters get 1 Blookbuck every minute da stream is LIVE. Don't bees sad! You get one Blookbuck every five minutes da stream is OFFLINE too. Lurk to become a Blookinaire!

Personal Tactical Maid

TEM SHOP Raffle #1

Personal Tactical Maid

APPEARANCE: (Rance/ランス)

Winner: SpyderPug

DATE: Jan 24, 2015



TEM SHOP Raffle #2

Oxen Wagon RV

APPEARANCE: (Oregon Trail)

Winner: darthmocha

DATE: Jan 30, 2015


TEM SHOP Raffle #3

Robo Dog X4

Fission batteries not included.

APPEARANCE: (Mega Man 4)

Winner: illdred

DATE: Feb 6, 2015


TEM SHOP Raffle #4


Secretly wants your cute Li'l UFO babies.

APPEARANCE: (Undertale)

Winner: shwepie

DATE: Feb 14, 2015

Super Kaiju Kinder Surprise

TEM SHOP Raffle #5

Super Kaiju Kinder Surprise

What's inside is a delishitable mystery!

APPEARANCE: (Yoshi's Island)


DATE: Feb 21, 2015

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