Please help me with some vsp research.

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Hello vsp community, today I would like to do some science, and I would love if you guys could chip in and help me out by answering these 10 quick questions, please be as honest as possible.

So here is what I'm asking.

1.What class do you usually play in vsp

2.What class do you think is the most underpowered (does least amount of damage and has low sustainability)

3. What class do you think is the most overpowered (does most damage and sustainability)

4.Do you think most hales are over powered?

5.Out of these 4 what kills you the most (lag, super jump, rage or neigh down)

6. What do you believe is your average damage you gain on hale,per life

7.If you are having a bad day, what is your average damage per round

8.How long have you been playing vsh/vsp/ff2 type game modes for.

9.On a scale from one to ten how good are you at vsp in your opinion

10.What two classes do you do the most damage with (not what you are best at, what classes give you the most raw hale damage)

Try to keep the answers as short and sweet as possible, if you can't think of an answer just take a well educated guess. Thanks! Also sorry for the grammar mistakes auto correct in iPad and all.

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1. Solder 

2. Eh, most classes either have good survivability or good damage, not sure I can't think of a worst class. 

3. Demoman, easily.

4. Yes. Main issue is how quickly rage is gotten and how much people abuse it. Only real issue I have as hale is either spell spam, or airblast spam pyros, which can easily be solved with rage, but I tend to avoid spamming it.

5. If by lag you mean range, then lag and rage.

6. Honestly depends on class. Things like Scout I maybe get 1k, while Demo, probably average 3k. Gonna go with 1.5k

7. 800

8. Too long. (3 years?)

9. 8-9? People always say I'm good, but never felt like I was the best or anything. Screw around too much.

10. Demo and Demo. (Spy with a lot of people, overwise Soldier)


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1. Medic

2. Eh... the most underpowered (which doesn't mean that they can't be a threat if played right :/) is scout in general, especially those that treat their force-a-nature as a sniper rifle.

3. Engineer

4. ... aren't hales supposed to be overpowered? Anyway, if you're asking that even "bad" players can win a hale round against experienced mercs, then yes, most hales are overpowered because, like Col said, ragespam.

5. Lag, definitly. (That is, mine.)

6. Are you asking how much damage against the hale, or with the hale? Against, depends on how well my pockets do, but around 1-2k. With... ehrm, never noticed.

7. 500

8. 2 years, I suppose.

9. 6-8... it really depends on my pockets, or if the hale isn't laggy enough that I can hit my needles.

10. Sniper and Minigun-Heavy.


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  1. Medic
  2. scout
  3. Usually its Heavy with KGB, but since spells can be equipped even on engineer I say its Engi.
  4. No.We had Overpowered boss The Donut Steel but he got removed (Thanks God )
  5. Rage for some odd reason. I mostly getting one raged then killed usually.
  6. Against Hale is 1500 damage.
  7.  Somewhere between 400 damage
  8. I`m playing on VSP for 1 year and 3 months. but if I count in total I played over 2 years on VSH
  9. 4.I`m not Top Damage and mostly im Support and not killing.
  10. Engineer with stock Wrench and Crossbow medic.

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1.Soldier, Sniper, or Engineer


3. Engineers if they know how to telefrag



6. between 2000 and 6000

7.between 1,500 and 4,500

8.VSP for 2 years, VSH/FF2 as a whole for 4 years

9. 7.8/10

10.Telefrag Engineer and Spell Jumper Soldier

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On 3/8/2016 at 6:38 PM, WHYYYY.EXE said:




3. Demoman

4. Not really

5.None of the above, typically getting hit by the hale kills me, sometimes helped by rage

6. 2000


8.1.7 years



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1. Enforcer spy.

2. Spies. The invisiwatch is useless, and the dead ringer is easily defeated.

3. Demomen. The loose cannon's slowdown effect is disgusting. Other than that, demoknights can relatively easily do a lot of damage. Even more easily if they're using a pony model.

4. I think that spy hales are overpowered. Their melees are superior to other melees in every way. Most other hales are fine.

5. Rage.

6. Before valve killed the enforcer, 2400+ every round if the hale has an accurate hit box.

7. Around 800.

8. I've been playing VSP since June 2013.

9. I'd say I'm easily a 6.9.

10. Sometimes crossbow medic, and KGB heavy if it's not against a spy hale and if I don't immediately get critted.

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