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Salty Communist Waifu

Perm mute KJ Dash

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Username: KJ Dash

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:44731600

Steam Profile:

Ponyville Server: (US) Versus Ponyville

Transgression: Mic spam, unnecessary swearing and name calling.

When he joined the server he started yelling at the top of his voice then I said to him to be quiet but he wouldn't listen and started fake coughing when ever I tried to speak. later I got really annoyed so i told him to shut up and when he heard me we started to get really offensive saying and I quote "why don't you f**king leave the server you f**king c**t" so I said that swearing isn't needed. Later when we changed maps I was busy with my dinner so when i came back someone was fluttershy and I just happen to be a bear so KJ Dash started screaming "kill the bear kill the bear" which I was alright with until he killed me and said " YEAH GOT YOU MOTHERF***ING C**T I KILLED BRONY4PENIS" which really peed me off but i said nothing. then when we were fighting chrysalis we started yelling "DIE MOTHERF****RS DIE YOU C**TS" so can you please perm mute him.

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