The rareness of Admins/Mods/etc. And the frighting report option

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I've played mostly only on ponyville.net minigame server and i notice the lack of admins and mods. And the much of people that can be reported at times late at night in central time which is rarely. About the report !calladmin command... when it says if you false report you will get ban that scares almost everyone even me since i like the server and i dont want to risk being pushed off it.  At this time i left a server because most of the people maybe a few were offensive and one person spammed an offensive word. I would say who but im sure this wont get attention before all of the people leave or maybe change their name and not come back like usual people theses days do... And to be honest i dont want to use the report because even though I am truthely telling that people are being rude, etc i dont want to get a ban if im wrong somehow. Again i dont like the risks.... And im new to this whole website thing and just wanted to get this down somewhere that would be a good place so sorry if i placed this in a wrong forum.

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