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Still muted on one more server

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Username: KittyofNutty
SteamID:  STEAM_0:0:103554631
Ponyville Server: (US) Versus Ponyville
Transgression: someone thought I was suppose to be muted on there when I said I got my ass muted but didn't tell them where and someone thought I was suppose to be mute there and Lockheart muted me there before he left.


I'm unmuted on the Funbox but I'm still muted here. The admin was there and I try to get her to unmute me but she says that me getting unmuted is for all servers but it's just one, even as to go far as to give her a pic proofing I'm still muted but she did absolutely nothing to unmute me. if someone could unmute me while I'm in this server I would be most appreciated. and yes I know I all ready made a forum about this but I'm still going on as to saying that I feel like I'm being ignored here and would be APPRECIATED if I can be unmuted so I can be heard.


Here's my proof of me still muted:proof.png

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