Why let the servers die?

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I was on TF2 and I found that there was literally no one playing the Vs. Ponyville servers anymore.

Why is that? Really. Why is that?

The Vs. Ponyville servers were one of the only reasons I regularly played TF2.

I just really hope  that people won't just give up on it, because these servers took an already great fan made game mode, Saxton Hale, and made it all the better with unique bosses and variety of levels. I do really hope that we can all start playing the severs again, at least enough to keep them from dying.

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Bring back the servers! Me and my brother used to play on them all the time, but then we moved and had no internet for about 3 years but when we came back the servers were dead but I hope that they can be revived.

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