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Official Thread for the Main Server Issues for the VSP Servers

Should VSP servers come back?   25 members have voted

  1. 1. Should VSP servers come back?

    • Yes, bring the servers back, But with meaningful changes to stuff.
    • No thanks.

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Alright Alright. I only proposed these changes because just about every weapon on the server has some kind of buff/debuff to make it better or worse depending on the weapon. I wasn't really calling them "overpowered" and i cannot make this claim valid because i haven't been playing on the server. I just thought that these weapons should not be excluded from the weapon changes. 

Now i emphasized the jetpack because every single weapon that supports major mobility has been nerfed completely into the ground. (Sticky/Rocket Jumper, BFB, Crit-a-cola, GRU.) How come the jetpack should be any different....?

A damage penalty on the Dragons Fury means nothing when it does 300% bonus damage vs burning players. So technically giving it a slight damage penalty and mini crits on burning players won't hurt it much. 

And stock flamethrower has that damage bonus because it requires that the pyro gets close to the hale to deal damage which is risky. But the dragons fury fire projectile has a longer lifetime and travels farther. (However with the recent buff to flamethrowers i do not know if the flamethrower has the same range as the dragons fury) So Pyro can deal consistent fire damage from farther away which is less risky. So a slight damage penalty wont hurt it much and the mini crits on burning players will outweigh this penalty.

But this thread is for discussing the problems in the server and as i already said, this server's owners have left the server for good. So its highly unlikely that these weapon changes will ever be implemented or even seen. I already put forth my suggestion to revive the server. But my suggestion can only come true if the community is behind it.

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I really hope that the server will come back. I've already seen someone posting something like this that they play TF2 just cause of VSP... it is good to know that i'm not the only one. I fell in love with this gamemode since first day i tried this out... the only thing i do in TF2 is just hoping onto some jump servers boring my butt off... i just rarely go to casual... but it is good to see it haven't been forgotten

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On 4/18/2018 at 6:56 AM, Kyle said:

If you somehow manage to bring this back from the death, I'll be genuinely surprised.

It'll be great if the servers were able to come back from being dead, Plus i'm not only focused on the US servers problems cause i know EU had problems relating to way more broken stuff slightly before US servers started having the same problems.

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