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PKMN Trainer Pyrite

(Fanfic) Pinkamina's Fate: Lost Epilogue (Lost Silver/Cupcakes Crossover)

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Yeah, this is a crossover, and one of the weirdest ones, that was requested to me on Deviantart. It was also the first Pony-related Fanfic I ever did.

I'll start with the Prologue!


Pinkamina's Fate: Lost Epilogue

A random Crackpot Crossover Story

Idea by: Hidden Name

Written by: Gabriel Martin

Outside of Ponyville, you seem to zoom in on a graveyard. Inside the Graveyard, you notice an odd headstone. The headstone says "Here lies Pinkamina Diane Pie. Rest in HELL!". you also see a Half-Mecha version of Rainbow Dash, crying in pain and sadness. You also see a flower on Fluttershy's grave. Now I bet you're wondering..."How the fuck did this happen?". Allow me to explain the Story. I named it "insertnamehere ". Let's begin with the prologue, shall we?

It first started out after Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy "died", Pinkie Pie was waiting for her next victim to turn into a cupcake. Little did she know, that her next victim....was gonna be her last one. Pinkie Pie discovers a rather oddly-dressed Colt walking by. The Colt was wearing a Red hat, with a odd badge on it. He was also wearing a Red Vest with a black t-shirt. Even the mane was black, but his eyes were crimson red without emotion. Pinkie also noticed those odd spheres around him, one with a rather spine-chilling aura.

The odd colt walked to the cupcake bakery. "Ohhh, this one will make an interesting cupcake!", said Pinkie. What our beloved little Pinkie Pie didn't know, is that this is one pony you DONT want to mess with. As Pinkie opened the door for the odd colt. The colt walked in, only leaving silence in his trail. As Pinkie Pie was getting ready, the odd sphere with the aura that's bone-chilling started leaking some sort of shadow. Before Pinkie got ready for her new kind of "cupcakes", the shadow took form of a ghost. As she turned around, she rather got startled by the ghostly figure. The odd colt soon stared at her with his cold, red eyes. Finally, with one breath of the bitter, still air, the colt spoke with only this word:


The ghostly figure soon turned the inside of the bakery darker than midnight, and an echoing scream was heard in the darkness. After the darkness slowly faded away, the little pink murderer vanished out of sight, and was no where to be seen.... the story. The Story of Pinkamina's Fate.


Now just to warn you: Because it's crossing with both Lost Silver AND Cupcake, there might be parts of the grimdark from the Pony Fanfic.

Also, this is my first Introduction Chapter for my first Pony-related Crossover ever. Dont be harsh.

Edited by PKMN Trainer Pyrite

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Pinkamina's Fate: Lost Epilogue

Part 2: It Begins...


We soon find Pinkamina in a strange room with a hole in the middle. She screams in the room "Where am I? What did you do?", hoping to find an answer. No one was there to answer. She soon looks down into the hole. With no other escape by the looks of it, she jumped down into a dark room. There, she found a poor filly with a flaming mane on the floor, bleeding to death. She carried the poor young pony, and asked it if there was a way to light the room up. The greenish-Filly, with the word "HURRY" etched onto his body lighted the room up, revealing the blood-colored walls. She was hoping to find an exit, and she also took the filly with her.

Pinkamina managed to find a hallway, but it seemed to get darker the farther it goes. She had no choice, so we walked through the hallway. It kept getting darker, and darker, until she can vaguely make out what seems like a dead end with a signpost. The signpost said:


Pinkamina didn't want to leave, as there was no turning back. She said no, but nothing happened. She yelled no. Nothing happened. She exclaimed no, Still, nothing happened. Finally, she screamed one last "NO!". The room turn darkened, and a message has appeared.

It said....

"Hurry has d...."

Soon, some mystical force was pulling Pinkamina Pie back into some sort of opening. Pinkamina's punishment for denying her fate...was about to begin it's horrifying and mind-wracking trip.


The Prologue and Part 2 was pretty much the short ones out of the Bunch. Trust me, it looked alot longer when it was first written out on paper, and then typed out using Word.

Edited by PKMN Trainer Pyrite

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Pinkamina's Fate: Lost Epilogue

Part 3: Judgement

Author's note: This one took a lot of rethinking and analyzing to make. Pretty much, this is the most worked-out one in the entire fanfic.


Pinkamina reappears in her basement, where she was just finishing off her "cupcakes", but for some reason, she couldn't see anything. She tried feeling around her face, only to realise she had no eyes. Heck, she didn't even have a mane anymore. Somehow, some mystical force was guiding her out. She left the bakery, blinded by this dreadful world, and entered the main room in the bakery. There was blood everywhere, the blood of all the ponies she slain just to make her "special" cupcakes.

Pinkamina was getting scared. She was frightened by what she soon realised what she has done. She tried to cry, tears of blood only came out. She left the bakery, using the mystical force to see around her. She's in a part of Ponyville, where she sees a maneless, eyesocket-less pony with a pink tail and has a Butterfly Cutiemark. It turns out that the pony...was Fluttershy. She was sad, but also angry. As Pinkamina tried to talk to her, Fluttershy only responded with "Why would you do this to me?", then vanished from existance, never to be seen again.

After 'Fluttershy' vanished from existance, Pinkamina was somehow teleported to the entrance to Ponyville, but it was full of Eyesocket-less ponies, and the very town itself lost it's color. Somehow, they still kept their manes, surprising since Pinkamina and Fluttershy lost their manes. Rarity and the other remaining ponies of the Mane 6, except Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash, who were not there due to their untimely and cruel fate, were standing side-by-side, looking down. Surprisingly, though, Rarity, Applejack, and Twilight still had their eyes, but they lost their color. Letter-shaped creatures seem to float around the ponies. As Pinkamina tried talking to them, they didn't respond, but the creature floating around them started to float around her.

After 12 tries to talk with the others, including Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, and Applejack. She got teleported to a alternate version of Ponyville, which was wrecked, tattered, and is just colorless to the fullest extent. there was only a straight, clear, pathway that she can only walk through. Finally, the wierd letter-shaped creatures spelt out a message.


Pinkamina, traumatized by the realization of what she did to cause all of this, tried to run away, only to be teleported to a path in a lone forest. She soon she sees the odd colt stare at her for a moment, then walk off towards the path. The blind Pinkamina followed him, with only the letter-shaped creatures to guide her, only to be stopped by a tower. She entered into the tower, only by a voice telling her to stop, and dont go any further. She ignored the warning, and fell into a deep hole. What will happen to her now?

End Part 3


Maybe I should put them as Parts, rather than chapters.

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Pinkamina's Fate: Lost Epologue

(Part 4: Fate)


Pinkie finds herself in the same room she left off before she took a trip through that realistic 'nightmare'. She was still carrying "HURRY", but she saw what she did through that event, and she decided to take the alternate, which the letter-shaped creatures have been trying to lead her to. With one breath, she said the only other option:


The room turned dark, and "HURRY" seemed to die again. But this time, Pinkamina finds herself in a graveyard, surrounded by graves she cant jump through. She also cant feel her front legs. As she looked down, she saw a frighening surprise.

Her front legs were ripped straight off of their joints.

Pinkie starts getting really scared. She was somehow standing normally, however. She tried running around, only to be dragged by skeletal hands to somewhere lower. She then landed into a hallway. As she got up, she looked down to see that her hind legs were gone as well too. Somehow, the wierd creatures surrounding her was keeping her afloat. She continued down the hallway, then she saw something very odd.

There were multiple clones of her, each with a different emotion, and no color. She tried talking to them, but they didn't respond. As she went farther into the hallway, she soon saw what seems to be a half-mechanized Rainbow Dash, who was really angry. Then, a battle started. She kicked Pinkamina, who was sent flying straight into a wall. "This is all your fault!", yelled Rainbow Dash, "BECAUSE OF YOU, I CAN NEVER BE THE SAME!" She was holding Pinkie's pet alligator by the mouth, and ripped him in half by his mouth, right in front of Pinkamina's own eyes.

Pinkamina was crying from fear, as Rainbow Dash vanished from her sight. Before she completely vanished, her last words were "How does it feel, Pinkie? How does it feel to lose something precious to you?". Then, the wierd creatures sent her back to what seems to look like her Bakery, but it was cold, and empty. She tried to leave, only to phase through the door, and continue through a black void. She soon stopped to see...Herself. The other "Pinkie" turned her head to see Pinkamina, with a rather menacing grin. Before she mysteriously disappeared into thin air, her words were only:

"Goodbye Forever, Pinkamina Diane Pie...."

As we now return to the normal world, she soon find Rarity, Applejack, Apple Bloom, and Twilight Sparkle entering the bakery, looking for the whereabouts of Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie. To their surprise, they found the most horrifying thing to find in Pinkie's Bakery. The Corpse of a Pink-maned pony with her cutiemark missing, her eyes gone from their sockets, her legs missing, and a frown on her face with blood coming out, while pinned to a wall painted crimson from the spilled blood. The blood on the wall somehow made an arrow, pointing to the basement. Still creeped out, the ponies made their way down, only to see what was left of Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. They were shocked in fear, seeing what Pinkie was REALLY doing. Applebloom's eyes were covered by Applejack's tail, for she did not want her to see this. As they turn around, they were confronted by the odd colt that started the horror in the first place.

"The punishment has been made. The lives taken from her shall have their peace.", said the colt "The blue pony is still alive. You can still save her." Twilight asked one question, "Who are you?", she asked. The colt looked up with his cold, red eyes, and said only one word, which was his name:


Afterwards, the colt, who was finally known as Red, vanished into thin air.

*3 months after the horror, leading to present time...*

Pinkamina's bakery was closed down after that. Ponyville went back to what they were doing. Rainbow Dash was not used to her new body. Everyday, she visited Fluttershy's grave, bringing a flower to her. Rainbow was crying, seeing how she lost a good friend, thanks to that murderous trainer. Red was still out there somewhere, as Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia wanted some answers about Pinkamina. Rarity and Applejack were still doing their own business, but now they know Pinkie's dark, terrible secret, and what happened to Fluttershy and Rainbow. Ponyville will not exactly be the same again. Thus, ending the Story of Pinkamina's Fate: Lost Epologue.

The End.


Well, there it is. All 4 Parts of this story.

This crossover is the most worked-on, mind-tiring, wrist-cramping, sleep-depriving fanfic I've ever done in my entire life.

I'm sorry if you dont like it, but dont be a jerk when it comes to judging it. This is hard work for a novelist like me.

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