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Ponville Pack thanks to brohoof

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I got good news every one after months of searching and looking for some my little pony's schematics for villages and structures I finally found an entire my little pony theme town of equestria ... It contains cloudsdale ponyville and much much more and also upon going through these maps of equestria I have seen some buildings that have been on fire and other structures as well..

Hopefully since you guys dont allowed fire to spread on the server this will all be fix and you guys can just fix up on some minor damages that you may encounter on the map...Also this is all thanks to for sharing their maps to every one ..

Here are the links to the maps also I put all the maps into a single package but also I will leave the site where I got the maps as well..


So please sgt consider uploading this map to the server so we can have a place to role-play and have a wonderful experiance in equestria x3..

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