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I return, but not empty handed. I have post hiatus practice!




A freehand copy of a screencap for practice. I needed to draw something, and I got a good look at show anatomy. Colors! Link colorslive.com/details/1273517



Another freehand copy. I'm learning a lot. :D Colors! Link colorslive.com/details/1294378



Practice. Only used reference for eyes and mane.I seem to be developing a style. Neat! Colors! Link colorslive.com/details/1307576



Practice practice. Light refI need to work on wings, but my overall anatomy is getting better! Still a ways to go though. Colors! link colorslive.com/details/1314756




Also, some motivation! It's not mine, but I believe it to be true and wish to share.


Source: http://howdoponieswork.tumblr.com/post/37127711344/credit-to-steve-ross-for-the-quote-i-just-thought


There are all really good! Great work!

Though, i will say that Fluttershy's snout looks extremely off, but that's pretty much the only real flaw with any of them. You should also try to incorporate some shading

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Thanks for the bit of input. I'm still really throwing around anatomy for the snouts and legs, I expect them to be off for a while more to come. I have this plethora of inspirations I want to imitate, and it's probably going to take a while to meld them. Still, I'll pay special attention to snouts the next few.


Perhaps I'll try more of that shading where the back legs are shaded from the front or something. I won't go in full force until I believe I have a somewhat static anatomy though. If there' ever something I really want to do though, like a legitimately finished thing like a comic, it should be shaded.



Oh and I guess this year's Training grounds are soon! http://www.equestriadaily.com/2013/07/artist-training-grounds-announcement.html

I hope the Sketchpad for the Wii U launches by then.

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Slightly over one month later.




Oooooo I am ridiculously proud of this you have no idea. It's got it's problems like anything yeah, but that's not the point. This prompt gave me the chance to revisit what could very well of been my first piece of MLP fanart. It just, it represents so much improvement.

Check this out.




Done for the 25th day of EqD's Newbie Artist Training Grounds 3.

Lineart drawn on a Wii U, colored on a 3DS.

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I have not drawn for so long due to personal reasons and stress, I have not picked up my pen for so long. But a while pick I was in a skype convo with a few friends and we had a drawing party. And this is what I came up with. It's my friends OC but in pony form. I will try and get back into drawing again.


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yup, I've definitely not improved over the years. nope, not at all~




#practice makes perfect

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I like your art, invertigo!  I would have requested waifupone Octavia, but you already did that.


In the mean time, do you happen to have a tumblr I could follow?

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